Who is Noelle in Henry Danger?

Noelle is a minor character in Henry Danger. She appears in Double Date Danger as Ms. Shapen’s niece who is in town and needs a place to stay. She is portrayed by Annalisa Cochrane.

Who had a crush on Henry Danger?

In Tears of the Jolly Beetle, Piper revealed that she thinks Kid Danger (Henry) is hot, meaning that she unknowingly has a crush on her own brother.

Who plays Maddy in Henry Danger?

Lolli Sorenson

Who is Monica in Henry Danger?

Monica Wells is a minor character in Henry Danger. She appeared in Jasper Danger. She is portrayed by Sedona Cohen.

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Who is Henry Danger girlfriend?

Henry and Bianca kissed in Super Volcano because Henry thought the world was going to end. She became his “girlfriend” after Henry made her jealous with Tiffany in My Phony Valentine.

Is Charlotte from Henry Danger pregnant?

Charlotte announced that she is pregnant with her first child with her partner of four years, Matthew, on Monday.

Did Charlotte and Henry get married?

They were together eight years before they got married. Henry realized she was the one when he told Charlotte if he didn’t marry her he would never get married. They have spent the last 31 years raising their children. After two years of marriage they had a daughter.

Do Charlotte and Henry love each other?

Chenry is the friendship/romantic pairing between Henry Hart and Charlotte Page. They are best friends as well as co-workers.


Henry and Charlotte
Ship Rivals Benry Chasper Jenry

Who did Charlotte get pregnant with?

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has caused a stir after admitting her ex and co-star Gaz Beadle didn’t congratulate her on her recent pregnancy. Charlotte, 31, announced she was expecting her first child with her boyfriend Jake Ankers in April this year after their whirlwind romance.

Who is Henry Danger’s sister?

Piper Hart is the younger sister of Henry Hart and President of the Man Fans on Henry Danger. She is portrayed by Ella Anderson as a child, and Debbie Macleod as an adult in the future.

Who is Cooper Barnes wife?

Liz Stewart
Cooper Barnes / Wife (m. 2015)

Who is the villain in Henry Danger?

The most notable villains of Henry Danger, seen here with Captain Man. From left: Van Del, Jeff, Time Jerker, Dr. Minyak, Nurse Cohort, Drill Finger, Toddler, and Alien Girl. This is a list of villains who appear in Henry Danger and its spinoffs.