Who is Ray on On My Block?

Ian Casselberry as Ray (season 3-4), Cesar and Spooky’s father.

Who is spooky wife On My Block?

Portrayed By. “Isabel” is a reccuring character on 4th season of the Netflix series “On My Block”. She is portrayed by Andrea Cortés.

Is Oscar and spooky the same person in On My Block?

“Oscar “Spooky” Diaz” was a main character on “On My Block”. he appears as the main antagonist of Season 1, an anti-hero in Season 2 and 3, a major character of Season 4. He is portrayed by Julio Macias.

Who is Oscar related to in On My Block?

Cesar and Oscar are brothers, and have a close relationship. Their father left when they were young and their mother was never around, which forced Oscar to take responsibility for his younger brother. Oscar joined the Santos to be able to provide for his brother and hoped that Cesar would eventually join as well.

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Why did On My Block get Cancelled?

A possible cause for On My Block ending could be to do with its co-creator Lauren Iungerich. According to Deadline, Iungerich signed a multi-year overall deal with Netflix last year to develop new projects.

Is Oscar and Cesar’s dad Lil Ricky?

Some people think Lil’ Ricky is Cesar and Spooky’s dad, who appears for the first time in season 3, after spending 12 years in prison only to disappear again. When he first appears in the show, it looks like he might be Lil’ Ricky but it’s then revealed that he’s Spooky and Cesar’s father.

Is Ricky Galindo in On My Block?

Ricky Galindo revealed in On My Block season 4

In episode 6 season 4 it is revealed that Lil Ricky is the owner of The Farm, a rehabilitation of center in Bakersfield. In season 3, Ray who is Oscar and Cesar’s father departed Freeridge for Bakersfield when one strange man gave him a job.

Does Jamal ever find Lil Ricky?

While the Santos also ended up hiding the money, the heist ended up getting Benito and Frankie arrested. Lil’ Ricky, however, was never caught, and he’s been believed to have been dead all these years.

What is Monses race?

Monse is a headstrong, bossy girl of Afro-Latina descent. She was raised by her single father.

Who is Cesar and Oscar’s dad in On My Block?

Ray Diaz | On My Block Wiki | Fandom.

Who is Spookys brother in On My Block?

Cesar is an intelligent teen forced into gang life by his brother Spooky once he was released from prison. He is a natural leader who is very caring toward his friends. He is shown to be very laid back and very easygoing. He is described by Monse as “the glue of our crew”.

Who is Ruby’s cousin in On My Block?

Olivia was a recurring character in the first season of On My Block. She was portrayed by Ronni Hawk.