Who is Rebecca Lobo husband?

Personal life. On April 12, 2003, Lobo changed her last name to Lobo-Rushin after marrying Sports Illustrated writer Steve Rushin at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts. They have four children (three daughters and one son).

Does Rebecca Lobo have kids?

Rebecca Lobo/Children

How old is Rebecca Lobo?

49 years (October 6, 1973)
Rebecca Lobo / Age

How tall is Rebecca Lobo?

1.93 m
Rebecca Lobo / Height

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Why did Rebecca Lobo retire?

She was acquired by the Houston Comets in 2002 and retired the following year. Lobo’s professional career was marred by injury (a torn anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee sidelined her for two seasons), and she was never the dominant player in the WNBA that she had been as a collegian.

What nationality is Rebecca Lobo?

Rebecca Lobo / Nationality

How much does Rebecca Lobo weigh?

64 kg
Rebecca Lobo / Weight

How tall is Kara Wolters?

2.01 m
Kara Wolters / Height

How tall is Steve Rushin?

1.96 m
Steve Rushin / Height

How tall is Lisa Leslie?

1.96 m
Lisa Leslie / Height

How tall is Cheryl Miller?

1.88 m
Cheryl Miller / Height

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Sheryl Swoopes/Spouse