Who is Rita Tushingham married to?

Ousama Rawi
Rita Tushingham / Spouse (m. 1981–1996)

What happened to Rita Tushingham?

Tushingham then lived with German writer Hans-Heinrich Ziemann. Today she lives alone in London, near Aisha and her grandchildren.

Has Rita Tushingham got a daughter?

Tushingham married photographer Terry Bicknell in 1962. They had two daughters, Dodonna and Aisha, before divorcing in 1976.

How old is Rita Tushingham?

80 years (March 14, 1942)
Rita Tushingham / Age

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How tall is Rita Tushingham?

1.56 m
Rita Tushingham / Height

What movies has Rita Tushingham been in?

Rita Tushingham/Appears in

Does Rita Tushingham have any children?

Rita Tushingham/Children

Is Rita Tushingham in The Witcher?

Also joining the series are Ian Hart (Tin Star) Kerrie Hayes (Tin Star) and Warren Brown (Luther). David Bradley (Afterlife) and Rita Tushingham (The Pale Horse) will also star alongside newcomers Josh Finan and Emily Fairn.

Was Rita Tushingham in Alfie?

Elfin Rita Tushingham makes a smash film debut as Shelagh Delaney’s dispirited working class teen, on her own in Manchester and unprepared for the harsh truths of life.

Was Rita Tushingham in Vera?

Vera (TV Series 2011– ) – Rita Tushingham as Audrey Latham – IMDb.

Who has passed away from the cast of Vera?

Ritter died of heart failure caused by a brain tumour on 5 April 2021, aged 54, in his home, surrounded by his family.

Why does the filming of Vera look different?

Vera actress Ibinabo Jack has revealed the one big change that was made to the latest series of the hit ITV detective drama. Ibinabo, who plays DC Jac Williams, revealed that the set was made bigger so that the cast could maintain social distancing during filming.