Who is Sergio Caroline’s husband?

When everyone met her on LOL, Caroline was married to financier Cem Habib, with whom she has three children. They eventually got divorced in 2019, and she’s now married to former Real Madrid soccer player, Sergio Carrallo, 27.

Who is Caroline Stanbury married to now?

Caroline Stanbury/Spouse

Are Caroline and Sergio together?

Based on Caroline’s own Instagram, her marriage to Sergio is still going strong.

How did Caroline Stanbury meet her new husband?

The former Ladies of London star began dating her 27-year-old husband in 2019 after meeting in Newport Beach, California, where she was promoting her podcast.

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Is Sergio from housewives of Dubai rich?

Stanbury is currently with Sergio Carrallo, a retired soccer player with a fortune of $5 million. Caroline herself has a net worth of $30 million.

What does Sergio in Dubai do for a living?

On top of his own work in marketing and global management, Sergio shares a YouTube channel with his wife, where they have over 11,000 subscribers.

How old is Carolyn Stansberry?

Caroline Alice Stanbury (born April 28, 1976) is a British businesswoman and reality television personality. She is best known for appearing as an original main cast member on Bravo’s reality television series Ladies of London from 2014–2017 and The Real Housewives of Dubai since its premiere in 2022.

Is Sara Al Madani a doctor?

A recent revelation uncovered that Al Madani’s doctorate degree is an honorary degree in Business Administration in Women Leadership, one she received in 2018 from Eton University.

Is Caroline from housewives pregnant?

On the July 27 episode of the Bravo series, Caroline, 46, confirmed she plans to carry her and her 27-year-old husband’s first child together following their lavish December 2021 wedding—despite suffering dangerous complications during her previous pregnancies.

Why did Coraline move to Dubai?

Not only has moving to Dubai for her husband Cem Habib’s job helped keep the family together, it’s also brought them closer, thanks to the city’s slower pace of life compared to London, Caroline said.

How is Caroline Brooks rich?

She proved herself to be a total girl boss by earning her real estate license and working for a Dubai brokerage. One of Caroline’s other money-making ventures is her position as the executive director at a real estate company called Rent DXB. It’s a position she’s held onto for over four years.

Is Caroline Stanbury rich?

Caroline Stanbury is a British reality television star and businesswoman known for her work on the likes of The Real Housewives of Dubai, Ladies of London, and Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. She has a net worth of roughly $30 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.