Who is sharp from No Jumper?

Adam John Grandmaison

Who is the CEO of No Jumper?

Adam Grandmaison—a Los Angeles-based blogger and founder of the underground hip-hop podcast “No Jumper” who goes by Adam22—has been accused of rape.

How tall is sharp on No Jumper?

Professional career
Height Weight Broad jump
5 ft 11 in (1.80 m) 189 lb (86 kg) 9 ft 8 in (2.95 m)
All values from the NFL Combine and Utah State’s Pro Day.

Where is Adam22 from?

Nashua, NH
Adam22 / Place of birth

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What made Adam22 famous?

Adam John Grandmaison (born November 24, 1983), more commonly known as Adam22, is an American podcaster and YouTuber. He is best known for being the creator and host of pop culture-oriented podcast No Jumper.

How much does No Jumper make?

Grandmaison’s No Jumper, which hosted unfiltered, pill-popping rappers, was hit especially hard. “We went from about $50,000 a month off YouTube to around $5,000 a month,” he says.

Where is No Jumper located?

No Jumper is located in Los Angeles, California, United States .

Who owns OnSomeShit?

Alfredo Mancuso is a professional BMX rider and enthusiast who cofounded The Come Up, BMX’s most popular website, and OnSomeShit, BMX-influenced streetwear and gear. Alfredo was first inspired to do BMX when he was 13-years-old after watching Dave Mirra at the X Games.

Who is Josh from No Jumper?

Josh Manheim – Chief Operating Officer – No Jumper | LinkedIn.

Who are the people on No Jumper?

No Jumper is an American YouTube channel and podcast that is hosted by Adam John Grandmaison, also known by his YouTube channel name as Adam22, who has his own independent channel. Another key member of the podcast is AD.

How do I get a No Jumper interview?

Email your content, a short bio and your social media contact information to [email protected] for consideration. PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT posting music videos on the No Jumper Youtube Channel at this time.

What is Adam22 email?

My email is [email protected]” / Twitter.