Who is Snowfall based off of?

The series’ protagonist – Franklin Saint, played by Damson Idris – isn’t a real person and was devised for this fictional series.

What show Is based on Rick Ross?

This documentary explains how Rick Ross became one of the most infamous drug dealers of his time by creating an empire that spread through many American cities.

How much did Freeway Rick Ross make?

“Freeway” Rick Ross is an American convicted drug trafficker who has a net worth of $1 million. “Freeway” Ricky Ross ran a massive drug empire in the early 1980s in Los Angeles. At his peak, Ross’ empire reportedly earned up to $3 million per day. Rick Ross claims his peak net worth was over $600 million.

Is Franklin supposed to be freeway Rick Ross?

‘Freeway’ Rick Ross says ‘Snowfall’ is his story

“And all of a sudden, Snowfall came out,” Ross said. “I was very disappointed in John. I thought that he was different.” He asserts that Franklin is based on him.

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Who is Franklin in GTA based on?

Shawn Darnell Fonteno, also known as Solo, is an American actor and rapper. He is best known for playing Franklin Clinton in the 2013 video game Grand Theft Auto V.

Shawn Fonteno
Born Shawn Darnell Fonteno Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Other names Solo
Occupations Actor rapper

How accurate is Snowfall?

No, Snowfall isn’t based off of a true story but it is inspired by real life. The FX drama revolves around a rising drug lord in the middle of Los Angeles’ first crack epidemic. The scrappy and conflicted Franklin Saint may be a work of fiction, but that epidemic isn’t.

Did Rick Ross get his name from Freeway Rick Ross?

He started his hip-hop career in the early 2000s. He derived his stage name Rick Ross from the name of a former drug kingpin named Freeway Rick Ross. His debut single ‘Hustlin” (2006) brought him into the limelight. Over the next decade, Ross became one of the most successful rappers.

What neighborhood is Freeway Rick Ross from?

Late 20th Century drug lord Ricky Donnell Ross was born on January 26th, 1960 in Troup, Texas. He is better known as “Freeway Rick,” the convicted drug trafficker turned philanthropist who established himself as kingpin in the 1980’s.

Who is the voice behind Franklin?

Shawn D. “Solo” Fonteno is an African-American actor, voice actor, DJ rapper and recording artist who is best known as the voice and the acting performer of Franklin Clinton from the video game Grand Theft Auto V (2013). Fonteno’s performance in Grand Theft Auto V was mainly recorded using motion capture technology.

Does Franklin ever meet Tanisha?

Franklin got back with his old fling Tanisha

Furthermore, she is mentioned in random dialogue by an Agency security guard. One of the Short Trip missions has Lamar roast Franklin once again.

Who does Franklin get pregnant snowfall?

Veronique Turner is a major character first introduced in Season 5. She is the new love-life of Franklin Saint.

Did Tanisha get back with Franklin?

Additionally, a wooden plaque with “The Clintons” engraved on it has been installed on the front of Franklin’s house, and children’s toys and a plastic slide can be found in his backyard, suggesting her marriage to Jayden ended, and she got re-married to Franklin, and had children between 2013 and 2021.