Who is Southwest T and Big Meech?

Featuring a strong cast led by Demetrius (Lil Meech) Flenory Jr., who plays his own father (better known as Big Meech), and Da’Vinchi as Terry (aka “Southwest T), the drama’s first season got the details of southwest Detroit right.1 day ago

Who is southwest on BMF?

STARZ Series BMF is inspired by the story of two brothers who formed one of America’s most notorious drug distribution networks. The empire – known as the Black Mafia Family – was run by Demetrius Flenory, aka Big Meech, and his younger brother Terry Flenory, aka Southwest T.

Where is Terry Lee Flenory?

Terry Lee Flenory rose to prominence as one of the founders of the Black Mafia Family. He is serving a 30-year sentence after pleading guilty to drug trafficking and money laundering charges. He is currently serving the remaining of his sentence from home.

Who Shot Southwest T in the eye?

As depicted in the series, Southwest T was shot by a rival upon exiting the mother of his children’s home in the ’80s. He would go on to lose sight in one of his eyes as a result of the violent attack. Though BMF has not yet revealed who shot Terry, many fans are speculating that it was Lamar (Eric Kofi-Abrefa).

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Who is BMF First Lady?

In an interview with Tonesa Welch, aka the “First Lady of BMF,” she discloses what it was like going from living the life of luxury to being incarcerated for a five-year sentence for money laundering.

Who shot tee on BMF?

Meech visits Tee, and they joke about him potentially only having one eye before revealing that Jay Mo allegedly shot him, though Tee isn’t convinced, as he doesn’t believe Jay Mo has the heart to have pulled the trigger.

Is Lamar from BMF alive?

And then a fascinating thing happened — Meech killed Lamar in the BMF Season 1 finale Sunday night, and suddenly dozens of admirers tweeted they would miss Lamar and commended the actor’s performance as the best on the series.

How old is Terry Flenory Jr?

22 years (April 22, 2000)
Demetrius Flenory Jr. / Age

Is Lamar off BMF real?

Kofi Abrefa’s Lamar is a composite character of several rivals that BMF did have. However, he is based on one person in particular., a Detroit gangster named Layton Simon. Big Meech was able to give the British actor some real-life information and insight about his character.

How old is Monique in BMF?

The 54-year-old actress joins returning cast members Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr., the son of Big Meech; Da’Vinchi, Russell Hornsby, Michole Briana White, Myles Truitt and Steve Harris, with Arkeisha “Kash Doll” Knight and Serayah in recurring roles.

Who is Darius in BMF?

BMF (TV Series 2021– ) – Raymond Seay as Darius – IMDb.

Who is Lamar Silas based on?

The Starz BMF series features Lamar Silas and he’s crazy. Eric Kofi-Abrefa plays him and he’s based on OG Layton Simon in real life.