Who is Sudha Reddy?

Sudha Reddy, Chairperson of MEIL Group and Sudha Reddy Foundation.

Who is Pitchi Reddy?

Pichi Reddy was elected to the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly twice on the Congress ticket –in 1989 and in 1999.

Who is Meil chairman?

PP Reddy, Founder and Chairman of Hyderabad-based infrastructure major Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Limited (MEIL), with a fortune of $1.5 billion (nearly Rs11,300 crore) is the sixth richest person of Hyderabad. He is also ranked at 134 in India and at 2,383 globally.

Who is Sudha Reddy husband?

Megha Krishna Reddy

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Who is Megha Reddy?

Megha Reddy – Deputy Lead Editor – Desk – YourStory Media | LinkedIn.

Who is the owner of Megha Engineering?

2022 India’s Richest Net Worth

A farmer’s son, P.P. Reddy founded Megha Engineering Enterprises to build small pipes for municipalities in 1989. He soon expanded into building infrastructure projects such as dams, natural gas distribution networks, power plants and roads.

What is the turnover of Megha Engineering?

Investments in unrelated businesses and group companies
Financials as on/for the period ended March 31 Unit 2020
Revenue Rs.Crore 19616
PAT Rs.Crore 1712
PAT Margin % 8.7
Adjusted debt/adjusted networth Times 0.26

1 more row

Is Meil a listed company?

Meil Holdings Limited is a Non-govt company, incorporated on 30 Jul, 2009. It’s a public unlisted company and is classified as’company limited by shares’.

Where is PP Reddy from?

Reddy, the fifth of six children of a farmer in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, started MEIL in 1987. While working at a small pipe manufacturing company, one of his clients encouraged him to venture out on his own.

What is Megha company?

Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Limited (MEIL) provides infrastructure construction services. The Company constructs irrigation, water management, hydrocarbons, power, renewable energy, transportation, and industrial buildings. Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Limited serves customers in India.

What is the meaning of MEIL?

(transitive) to mill, to grind.

Is MEIL a name?

The Meil family comes from the ancient Scottish Dalriadan clans of the mountainous west coast of Scotland. The name Meil is derived from the personal name Neil. The Gaelic form Mac Neill translates as son of Neil.