Who is Taylor Frankie Paul on TikTok?

Taylor Frankie Paul is a famous TikTok personality. The 28-year-old Mormon influencer lives in Utah. She is currently married to Tate Taylor with whom she shares two children together. Their first child, Indy Paul, was born on Aug.

What did Taylor Frankie Paul do?

In a May 25 TikTok livestream, Taylor revealed that she and her then-husband Tate Paul participated in a “soft-swinging” group with other members in the Mormon MomTok community. Soft-swinging, according to Taylor, refers to swapping sexual partners with other couples, but agreeing not to “go all the way” with them.

How old is Frankie Paul TikTok?

The TikTok star is married to Tate Paul. The couple has been together for five years since they got married. What is Taylor Frankie Paul’s age? She is 28 years old as of 2022.

What podcast did Taylor Frankie Paul go on?

The Garcia Diaries: Unfiltered: Taylor Frankie Paul Gets Real (Swinging, Divorce, MomTok & more) on Apple Podcasts.

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What happened to Taylor Frankie Paul on TikTok?

Taylor Frankie Paul, known as @taylorfrankiepaul to 3.6 million TikTok followers, sparked controversy this spring when she revealed her divorce was related to her and her husband’s involvement in a “soft swinging” community among her Mormon #MomTok friend community.

Does Taylor Frankie Paul have twins?

“Meet my twin daughters,” Taylor writes on the video that’s been viewed almost 25M times. She can be seen dancing, before two women join her on either side and their ‘ages’ flash on the screen – 25, 50 and 25 respectively.

Who is Taylor Frankie dating?

Taylor’s new man has been identified as Dakota Mortensen, a Utah-based real estate agent and business owner.

What is soft swing Mormon?

“Soft-swinging” describes having non-penetrative sexual relations outside of one’s marriage or primary relationship, according to Engle.

What is Mormon MomTok?

One online community of people, known collectively as “Mormon MomTok”, has people utterly obsessed. “MomTok” is the nickname given to the thousands of US mothers who have found fame on the popular social media app, and within it, there is another subgroup of Mormon mum bloggers.

Who is Camille Munday?

Camille Munday is a TikToker known for uploading lifestyle, fashion and comical videos. Launching her TikTok account in December 2019, Munday can often be seen alongside other key members of ‘Mormon MomTok’ such as Miranda McWhorter and Taylor Paul.

What does Sam Munday do?

Samuel Munday – Director Of Business Development – Luxstone Group | LinkedIn.

Who is Josh Munday?

There’s only one person that comes to mind for us. That person is Joshua Munday. Joshua (or Josh) has been a BOSS/Roland user for most of his guitar playing life and has been working directly with Roland Australia for the past 16 years performing demos and workshops (among other things).