Who is the dad on the Axel show?

The Axel Show – Their YouTube channel which showcases Axel’s adventures with his dad, Patrick.

How old is Axel from the Axel show?

Axel will be 10 years old in May, and the time has come for us to start a channel that will allow us to connect with older friends (I’m honestly hoping this includes adults).

Does Axel from the Axel show have autism?

If you’ve read the previous books (helpful, but not required), then you’ve probably been intrigued by this quiet, reclusive artist. Axel is autistic and shows his love for his family in his own way, including taking care of them without asking for any credit.

Who is the Axel show?

We are an adventure packed YouTube show for kids that promotes imagination, nature, and loving everyone around you! Reaching 5 million kids a month.

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What does Patrick South do for a living?

VP:Business Development, Chamber of Digital Commerce.

Is Axel a God?

While Axel is the God of Order and thus very powerful even when compared to his fellow Gods, he is weak to chaos energy due to chaos being the opposite of his own energy. Being a collection of souls, Axel is very unstable and can shift his emotions and moods very quickly and for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

Is Axel a girl?

The name Axel is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name meaning “father of peace”. A Top 100 name among boys, but a rare option for a girl. The French female form is Axelle (emphasis on the “elle”).

What nationality is Axel?

Axel is an Icelandic name meaning “father of peace.” Axel, which also has origins in Scandinavia and Germany, is derived from the biblical name Absalom.

What is Axel last name?

Danish and North German: from the personal name Axel from Apsel an obsolete vernacular form of the Biblical name Absolom. In North America this surname is also a shortened form of the Scandinavian patronymics from the personal name Axel such as Danish and Norwegian Axelsen .

Who is Axel who didn’t get into Julliard?

Axel Webber is a TikTok star with over four million followers and a whopping 140 million likes on his videos at the time of writing. Webber’s TikTok about his rejection letter from Juilliard, a prestigious performing arts school with an 8% acceptance rate, went viral.

Is the axel show good for kids?

For the most part, it’s harmless fun that beats the stupidity of the Blippi show by a zillion miles. My son loves Axel! Personally, My son loves the show. He loves watching the kids go on adventures and doing cool things with toys he has in his own playroom.

Who is Axel from TikTok?

Axel Webber is best known on TikTok thanks to his videos about living in a tiny apartment in New York City. His very first TikTok video was posted back in 2019. While most of his videos have hundreds and thousands of views, it wasn’t until late 2021 that Axel started going massively viral.