Who is the father of Kai Morae?

Kenji Pace
Kai Morae / Father

How old is Kai Morae?

33 years (December 5, 1989)
Kai Morae / Age

Who is Kai the daughter of?

Kai Mack is the second-born child and only daughter of Tasha Mack and Pookie. She was born during the events that took place in The Birth & Vows Episode, the Season 7 finale.

Does LisaRaye have grandchildren?

LisaRaye McCoy’s baby girl, Kai Morae, is all grown up and having a baby of her own. After announcing her pregnancy on social media earlier this month, Kai Morae has been nothing but smiles as she prepares to give LisaRaye her first grandchild.

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Why does LisaRaye only wear white clothes?

In 2010, she told AlwaysAList.com that she initially began wearing all white by accident. “It’s not a method to the madness. It’s not because it’s religion. It’s because one day on the weekend I went out of town and realized I had all-white outfits and they looked so crisp and clean.

What did LisaRaye say about Duane Martin?

“Somehow within that relationship, I lost my husband to Duane Martin and they became better friends than what me and my husband did, and I couldn’t understand that for the love of God.” “He became disrespectful with introducing my husband to different women and women that we actually knew,” LisaRaye continued.

Does LisaRaye have kids?

Kai Morae
LisaRaye McCoy / Children

Does LisaRaye have a daughter?

Kai Morae
LisaRaye McCoy / Daughter

Is LisaRaye McCoy in family business?

The Family Business (TV Series 2018– ) – LisaRaye McCoy as Donna Duncan, Donna – IMDb.

Is LisaRaye a grandma?

Actress LisaRaye McCoy is about to be a glam-ma for the first time. Her 26-year-old daughter Kai Morae Pace recently announced that she is expecting a baby girl. This will be LisaRaye’s first grandchild who starred with her daughter in the TV One reality series The Real McCoy in 2010.

Who is the brats father?

Her father is David Ray McCoy, a businessman, and mother, Beverly Calloway, a city bus driver. Her parents never married. Brat was subsequently raised in two different households.

Did LisaRaye get married?

LisaRaye and Michael Misick met in 2005, married in 2006, separated in 2008, and finalized their divorce in 2009. She attributes part of their demise to her former friend, actor Duane Martin, who she claims introduced her then-husband to other women.