Who is the highest-paid housewife?

Kandi Burruss Reportedly Receives Over $2M a Season on RHOA, Making Her the Highest-Paid Housewife of Any Show. Here’s Why. Kandi Burruss, the star of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” is reportedly the highest-paid housewife on the network.

How much do Real Housewives earn?

RHOBH star demands highest salary EVER for new season after calls to be fired. However, Kyle isn’t the only one stacking in the half-a-million range. Other Housewives who are also paid close to $500k include Lisa Rinna, who is paid $450k per episode, and Erika Jayne who also reportedly makes $500k.

Do husbands on Housewives get paid?

They’re the only cast whose husbands also get paid for appearing on the show, which is why they still film together when the ladies are away on a trip. In the past, all of the cast’s children who were over 18 also got an annual stipend for appearing on the show.

Do Real Housewives friends get paid?

Not all women are paid the same

New housewives are not paid nearly as much as the favorites are. A favorite wife could rake in over a million for the season while the new wives will get significantly less. Friends of the wives get paid by episode and tend to only show up a few times during the season.

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Do the Real Housewives pay for their clothes?

The Housewives don’t borrow clothes—luxury brands won’t lend to them—and they don’t rent the runway. To keep up appearances, they’re buying their Alexis Carrington Colby finery at their own expense. To quote Dolly Parton, it costs a lot of money to look that cheap.

How much does Kyle Richards get paid?

Kyle gets a substantial salary from Bravo.

According to The List, Kyle is rumored to make $270,000 per RHOBH season.

Who pays for lunch on Real Housewives?

Peter Post, an etiquette expert and the managing director of The Emily Post Institute, agrees with that rule. “The person who did the asking does the paying,” Post writes. So if you’re the one who arranged the lunch, then it’s your turn to offer to pay.

How much does Kyle Richards get paid?

Kyle gets a substantial salary from Bravo.

According to The List, Kyle is rumored to make $270,000 per RHOBH season.

Who is the highest paid real housewife of Beverly Hills?

Dorit Kemsley – $100,000 per season

Dorit’s RHOBH salary is said to be $100,000, which places her behind Erika, Kyle, and Lisa.

Which housewife gets paid the most per episode?

Denise is by far the highest paid cast member in RHOBH history. She joined the show in season 9 and left after season 10 following her alleged affair with Brandi Glanville.

How much does Melissa Gorga make on Real Housewives?

Melissa Gorga: US$3 million

This fortune presumably comes from her more than 10 years on the show (reportedly bagging an impressive US$750,000 per season) as well as the fruits of her other professional labours, including a New Jersey fashion boutique called Envy By Melissa Gorga.

How do you get on real housewives?

All of the cast members have to audition. Yes, these women have to send in audition tapes, go through home interviews, have extensive on-camera tests, and more before becoming Housewives. And, of course, they have to earn Andy Cohen’s stamp of approval.