Who is the husband of Ursula corbero?

Chino Darín

How old is Ursula from money heist?

33 years (August 11, 1989)
Úrsula Corberó / Age

Are Miguel Herran and Ursula corbero together?

When Rio and Tokyo’s story first played out on the show, fans wished they had dated for real. Instead, Corbero and Herran forged a great friendship, the kind that would last a lifetime.

What is the height of Ursula corbero?

5′ 4″
Úrsula Corberó / Height

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How do you pronounce Ursula corbero?

How tall is Alba Flores?

5′ 9″
Alba Flores / Height

How tall is Alvaro Morte?

6′ 0″
Álvaro Morte / Height

How old is Itziar?

48 years (June 18, 1974)
Itziar Ituño / Age

How old is Alba Flores?

35 years (October 27, 1986)
Alba Flores / Age

Who did Nairobi Love?

Helsinki. Nairobi has always had a good relationship with Helsinki. She fell in love and wanted to start a family with him.

What ethnicity is Nairobi?


What age is Rio in Money Heist?

Rio counts as the youngest Heist gang member at 23 years old. Due to his interest in computers, he started programming at the young age of six.