Who is the killer in One Of Us Is Lying book?

Jake is revealed as the villain in both the book and show, though in different ways. He proves to be an adept accomplice in the book by following through with Simon’s plans. He intimidates Janae into silence. His involvement is found out by Addy when he slips up by sharing information that only both of them know.

What is the main message of One Of Us Is Lying?

One of Us Is Lying explores important themes for high schoolers such as the impact that lies and gossip can have on others. There is a mix of suspense, mystery, and romance, making this book an interesting read for most teenagers.

What was Ms Avery’s secret?

The rest of the group catches Ms. Avery secretly meeting with Vanessa, who reveals she had an abortion. Ms. Avery admits her secret was breaking school policy to help Vanessa have the abortion without her parents’ consent.

Who was posting the secrets in One Of Us Is Lying?

Addy figures out Simon’s best friend Janae is the one exposing their secrets, and together the Bayview Four confront her. Janae reveals she wanted revenge as she thought they were guilty of killing Simon.

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Who put peanut oil in Simon’s water?

Jake dared Simon to have peanut oil in his cup, knowing that it would kill him. Jake was going to wait outside detention to use the epi-pen to save Simon at the last minute. The idea was to scare the other students, framing one of them for attempted murder.

Who was the killer in one of us is next?

They also find out that Phoebe’s father died many years ago because a forklist that Brandon Weber had been playing with (when he was 13) malfunctioned, killing Phoebe’s dad.

Who are the four suspects in One Of Us Is Lying?

His death leaves Bronwyn, Nate, Cooper and Addy as the top suspects in the investigation that follows, as they’re the last to see Simon alive (and on deck to be About That’s next victims).

Why did Simon create about that?

Before he died, his best friend was Janae. He hated his classmates, due to being deserted. So, he decided he wanted to ruin their lives by creating an app called About That.

What is Bronwyn’s secret?

Her secret was that she cheated on a chemistry test. Bronwyn helped release her current boyfriend at the time Nate Macauley from jail.

Who is Ashton in One Of Us Is Lying?

Ashton Prentiss: Addy’s older sister. She has a rocky relationship with her husband Charlie, so spends a lot of time at the family home. She dislikes Jake and the way he treats Addy.

Does Bronwyn end up with Nate?

A story of rekindled love in One of Us Is Lying Season 2

That kiss leads to Nate and Fiona kissing at the restaurant, too, but eventually Nate is honest. He can’t be with Fiona when he wants Bronwyn. Fortunately for him, Bronwyn wants him back. They have some bad timing, but they do end up getting back together.

Who does Maeve end up with one of us is next?

Maeve and Luis begin dating in One of us is Next after they confess their feelings for one another in her car. He is a heartwarming character as told by many readers and his and Maeve’s relationship is often found as one of the cutest in the book.