Who is the richest farmer in South Africa?

He is best known as the one of the richest men in South Africa and founder of Kangra Group as well as the non-profit Graham Beck Foundation.

Graham Beck
Nationality South African
Alma mater University of Cape Town
Occupation Mining Tycoon, Stud Farmer, Wine Maker, Entrepreneur
Spouse Rhona Beck

Who owns Graham Beck wines?

Founded in 1983, Graham Beck Wines and its Robertson estate represent the Beck Family’s dedication to excellence. At its helm is Graham and Rhona’s son Antony Beck, who remains deeply invested in the business and focused on maintaining the brand’s global reputation for impeccable quality and constant innovation.

Who owns Gainesway Farm Lexington KY?

With Gainesway owner Graham Beck (pictured with son Antony) spending much of his time in his native South Africa, the farm suffered from absentee ownership.

Where is Graham Beck from?

Born in Cape Town, Graham demonstrated his entrepreneurial skills whilst studying commerce at the University of Cape Town. During this time he established a successful home renovation business called Kangra.

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Is Graham Beck good?

The Graham Beck wines are classic in style and a good value, reliable alternative to Champagne. Here we have bready aromas allied to some New World fruitiness, and although the complexity of good Champagne is lacking, it’s a very well-made traditional method wine.

Who is Beck’s DJ?

DJ Swamp has become the go to man for studio scratching in Los Angeles and has appeared on songs by Beck, The Crystal Method, Vanilla Ice, Katy Perry, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Ben Folds, Belinda, Oblivion Dust, Kid Rock, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Hanson, The Bloodhound Gang, Morcheeba, The Dandy Warhols, R. L.

Does Beck have children?


How old is Beck?

52 years (July 8, 1970)
Beck / Age

Who is Beck married to?

Marissa Ribisi
Beck / Spouse (m. 2004–2021)

Who is Kenny Beck?

Kenny Beck is an Anchor at WXII 12 News and Triad CW. Since joining the team in 2007, Kenny has covered presidential political rallies, wall-to-wall severe weather coverage, national sports championships, compelling human interest stories and everything in between.

Who is maralyn Beck?

Women of Influence 2022: Meet Maralyn Beck, founder and executive director of New Mexico Child First Network – Albuquerque Business First.

Are Domi and JD Beck together?

Domi and JD Beck (stylized as DOMi & JD BECK) are a jazz duo consisting of French keyboardist Domi Louna and American drummer JD Beck. The two met in 2018 and have since worked with Thundercat, Anderson .

Domi and JD Beck.

Domi & JD Beck
Labels Blue Note Apeshit
Members Domi JD Beck
Website domiandjdbeck.com