Who is Trey Gowdy parents?

Trey Gowdy/Parents

Is Trey Gowdy’s father a doctor?

Early life and education. Gowdy was born on August 22, 1964, in Greenville, South Carolina. He is the son of Novalene (Evans) and Harold Watson “Hal” Gowdy Jr., MD.

What is Trey Gowdy’s real name?

Trey Gowdy
Born Harold Watson Gowdy III August 22, 1964 Greenville, South Carolina, U.S.
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Terri Gowdy
Children Abigail and Watson

Who is Trey Gowdy married to?

Terri Gowdy
Trey Gowdy / Spouse (m. 1989)

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Has Trey Gowdy been married before?

Terri Gowdy
Trey Gowdy / Spouse (m. 1989)

Does Trey Gowdy have any kids?

Trey Gowdy/Children

When did Trey Gowdy get married?

August 2, 1989 (Terri Gowdy)
Trey Gowdy / Wedding date

How old is Trey Gowdy from Fox News?

58 years (August 22, 1964)
Trey Gowdy / Age

What does Terri Gowdy do?

Teaching assistant
Terri Gowdy / Profession

A teaching assistant, educational assistant or learning support assistant in schools in England and Wales is a person who supports pupils in the classroom. Duties can differ dramatically from school to school, though the underlying tasks often remain the same.


Where did Trey Gowdy go to college?

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Who is Trey Gowdy’s daughter?

Abigail Gowdy
Trey Gowdy / Daughter

Is Trey Gowdy of Fox News married?

Terri Gowdy
Trey Gowdy / Spouse (m. 1989)