Who is Vanna White married to today?

While her time on the major game show is her most well-known accomplishment, Vanna, 65, has also had a few public relationships during her time on the show. For the past decade, she’s been in a committed relationship with John Donaldson, who clearly makes her very happy!

Does Vanna White have a child?

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Who did Vanna White marry 2022?

About Vanna White and John Donaldson’s relationship

Vanna White and John Donaldson became an item in 2012. They have been dating for 10 years but are not officially married. The star presenter often times refers to Donaldson as her husband.

Does Vanna White have a son?

Nikko Santo Pietro
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What’s Vanna White’s salary?

“They say I have clapped more than 3.9 million times,” she told ABC News. White gets paid a pretty penny to clap. In 2017, it was reported that White’s salary was $4 million a year, less than her co-host Pat Sajak’s reported $15 million a season.

Where does Vanna live now?

South Carolina
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Does Pat Sajak have a child by Vanna White?

Maggie, 26, has taken over as letter turner when her dad Pat, 75, has been off due to ill health, with White, 64, stepping in to host the show.

What does Vanna White son do?

Nikko Santo Pietro
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Is Vanna Whites son in a relationship?

Monk Jaycee Akinsanya, 34, was once evicted for owing $1,500

Vanna White feared she was fighting to save her teenage son from being brainwashed by a Hare Krishna monk who was after her money, but now it transpires that the pair are exploring a gay relationship together.

Does Vanna White have family?

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Did Vanna White lose a husband?

But in 1986, tragedy struck for White when her then-fiancé, the Young and the Restless actor John Gibson, was killed when the plane he was flying crashed outside Van Nuys airport near Los Angeles. “It was May 17, 1986,” White recalls.

Is Vanna White about to retire?

No! Since 2021, Sajak and White hosted Celebrity Wheel of Fortune on ABC. Later in the year it was announced that both Sajak and White have been signed on to continue as hosts of Wheel of Fortune through the 2023–24 season.