Who leaves Call the Midwife in 2022?

One, Sister Hilda, played by Fenella Woolgar, will already be absent when the Christmas special begins. She will have been called away for God’s work at the Mother House, reports the Mirror. She’ll be followed by Sister Frances, portrayed by Ella Bruccoleri.

Are Linda Bassett and Helen George leaving Call the Midwife?

While Bassett and George have each been a part of the Call the Midwife world for some time, there doesn’t appear to be any direct evidence that either one of them is done being a part of it.

Is Linda Bassett taking a break from Call the Midwife?

Just know this if you are overly concerned at the moment: There is no confirmation that Bassett will be leaving the show. There hasn’t been any information out there about that, and typically Call the Midwife will offer up news on some sort of cast departure in advance.

Does Trixie leave Call the Midwife 2022?

Call the Midwife’s Trixie Franklin left halfway through series 11, due to actress Helen George’s pregnancy. But you can rest assured that she is returning for some big storylines in series 12, which is currently filming now. Speaking to Radio Times, the show’s creator Heidi Thomas said: “Trixie rejoins us.

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Is Trixie on midwife pregnant in real life?

In 2021, Helen took a break from filming Call The Midwife due to her own real-life pregnancy. In the series, Trixie was seen travelling to Italy to care for her godmother. The star’s pregnancy was not written into the show, so using some clever camera trickery and props, Helen was able to conceal her growing baby bump.

What actress is leaving Call the Midwife?

Jennifer Kirby as Nurse Valerie Dyer

“After four joyful years spend with Call the Midwife, I have decided to say goodbye to Nonnatus, Val and the wonderful cast, crew and production team.

What happens to Trixie on midwife?

The reason Trixie was written out part way through Series 7 and Series 11 was because both times, Helen George was pregnant at the time of filming; and her baby bump was becoming more and more difficult to hide as time went on.

Will Trixie be in season 12 of Call the Midwife?

Who is in the cast of Call the Midwife season 12? Fans will be pleased to hear Trixie Franklin star Helen George will be returning for the new season. The star left part way through the last season to go on maternity leave, and she gave birth to her daughter Lark in November 2021.

Why does Trixie leave Call the Midwife?

So, naturally, many fans were made understandably nervous by Trixie’s sudden exit at the end of episode 5 of season 11. In the episode, Trixie received word that her godmother was ill and she would have to rush to her side to care for her, departing from Poplar with several episodes left to go before the finale.

Will Trixie come back for season 12?

Call the Midwife has shared the first on-set photo of Helen George’s Nurse Trixie, who is officially returning to the BBC/PBS medical drama for the upcoming holiday special and Season 12.

Will Helen George return to Call the Midwife season 12?

Helen George will be returning to Call The Midwife series 12 as Trixie Franklin, it’s been confirmed. As well as this fantastic news, Call The Midwife fans can rest easy knowing that one of the series’ most beloved characters will be returning for series 12.

Who does Trixie marry in Call the Midwife?

Call The Midwife star Helen George is ever the blushing bride as screen character Trixie Franklin marries Matthew Aylward in romantic wedding scenes for series 12 of sixties based hospital drama.