Who owns Jagged Edge?

Wingo was a late addition to the group, added after a recommendation from Kandi Burruss of Xscape. Burruss was also the one who brought the group to the attention of Dupri, who signed them to his Columbia Records distributed imprint, So So Def Recordings.

Jagged Edge (American group)

Jagged Edge
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Is Jagged Edge 2 sets of twins?

Jagged Edge is an American R&B group; featuring lead singers, identical twins Brandon and Brian Casey “The Casey Boys” (formerly known as Case Dinero and Brasco), born in Hartford, Connecticut on October 13, 1975, Kyle Norman (formerly known as Quick) of Decatur, Georgia born on February 26, 1976 and Richard Wingo (

Is Jagged Edge still together?

Jagged Edge has a lot to celebrate and a lot left to say. The quartet is approaching the 25th anniversary of their debut album A Jagged Era on October 21st, and, though the R&B landscape has changed since 1997, they are still together and holding it down for the genre.

How old is Kyle from Jagged Edge?

46 years (February 26, 1976)
Kyle Norman / Age

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Is Jagged Edge member in jail?

Bossip has reported that Jagged Edge member, Kyle Norman, has been in jail since January 22nd for violating the terms of his probation. The singer was also unable to post the $20,000 bail to get himself out of jail. Norman was arrested for violating a number of the terms of his probation.

Is Kyle Norman Married?

Marrika Maria
Kyle Norman / Spouse (m. 2015)

Is Kyle and Richard from Jagged Edge brothers?

Identical twin brothers Brian Casey and Brandon Casey, Kyle Norman, and Richard Wingo–known collectively as Jagged Edge–have built the group’s career and reputation from one simple premise: make great music and make sure the music’s for real.

Who is the killer in Jagged Edge?

So the mystery remains. Who is under the mask? It turns out the killer is–last chance–publisher Jack Forrester, the Jeff Bridges character. He`s lying on his back, and we see his dead face twice–first for about two seconds, then, after a horrified reaction shot of Glenn Close, for about three seconds.

Who did Brian from Jagged Edge date?

Jagged Edge twins Brandon and Brian Casey each began a secret relationship with LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson of Destiny’s Child until their affairs were revealed after an incident on tour involving LeToya’s mother.

How is Jagged Edge related?

Rough but smooth male vocal quartet Jagged Edge formed in Atlanta, Georgia, consisting of identical twin brothers Brandon “Case Dinero” Casey and Brian “Brasco” Casey, who had moved from their native Hartford, Connecticut; Kyle Norman (aka “Quick”), whom they’d met through church activities, and Richard Wingo (aka ”

Why are they called Jagged Edge?

Fun fact: Jagged Edge, performing since 1996, borrowed its name from a movie title. “At the time we had a name that nobody liked, including us,” recalls Brandon. “Then another male group came out of Atlanta calling themselves A Few Good Men. That started me looking at movie titles.

How old is Jagged Little Pill?

Jagged Little Pill is the third studio album by Canadian singer Alanis Morissette, released on June 13, 1995, through Maverick. It was her first album to be released worldwide. It marked a stylistic departure from the dance-pop sound of her first two albums, Alanis (1991) and Now Is the Time (1992).