Who played Fawn’s roommate Animal House?

National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978) – Lisa Baur as Shelly – IMDb.

Who played Otter date in Animal House?

two different deleted scenes with Otter and a couple of his girlfriends (one played by Sunny Johnson—listed in the credits as “Otter’s Co-Ed” although her scene was deleted—and the other played by location scout Katherine Wilson, whose deleted scene can be seen in the theatrical trailer).

Who played DJ in the movie Animal House?

Year Title Role
1977 Handle with Care ‘Blood’
1978 F.I.S.T. Hitman
1978 National Lampoon’s Animal House Daniel Simpson ‘D-Day’ Day
1981 The Hand Brian Ferguson

What was the fraternity name in Animal House?

National Lampoon’s Animal House, one of the most successful American film comedies of all time, was filmed in the Eugene area in the fall of 1977. The producers needed a campus setting for their story of the disreputable Delta Tau Chi fraternity and the mayhem it creates in 1962 at fictional Faber College.

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Is Delta Tau Chi a real fraternity?

Delta Tau Delta was founded at Bethany College, Bethany, Virginia, (now West Virginia) in 1858. The fraternity currently has around 130 collegiate chapters and colonies nationwide, with an estimated 10,000 undergraduate members and over 170,000 lifetime members.

What animal is Omega Psi Phi?

Since its founding the organization has chartered over 750 undergraduate and graduate chapters. Omega Psi Phi is the first fraternal organization founded at a historically black university.

Omega Psi Phi
Colors Royal purple Old gold
Symbol Lamp
Mascot Dog
Publication Oracle and Clarion Call

Is Omega A female wolf?

In most wolf packs, there will be an alpha male and female and frequently an omega male and female. In wolf hierarchy, the males tend to dominate other males and the females dominate other females so that there is generally a low ranking member of each sex.

Why do Omegas get branded?

And even then, a brand was a symbol of pride. “A lot of people in the chapter and Omega Psi Phi pride themselves on the fraternity,” Floyd said. “Since a lot of people have done it, a lot of people do it.” Not getting a brand wasn’t frowned upon; to them it was all the same, either way.

What is the Alpha Phi animal?

Mascot: Our mascot is the “Phi Bear,” whose name is taken from the Greek words “Ursa Major,” or the “Great Bear.” Alpha Phi International adopted the Phi Bear as its mascot in 1974.

What is Pi Beta Phi animal?

Pi Beta Phi (ΠΒΦ)
Chapter name Pi Beta Phi
Symbols/Mascot Angels and Arrows, Wine Carnation
Philanthropy Read > Lead > Achieve and First Book
National Founding April 28, 1867 at Monmouth College
UT Founding 1948

What animal is Phi Beta Sigma?


What is Sigma Gamma Rho animal?

Sorority Mascot: The Poodle. Sorority Colors: Royal blue and gold. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.