Who plays Isaac Higgintoot?

Brandon Scott Jones (born June 6, 1984) is an American actor, comedian, and writer. He is best known for his role as Captain Isaac Higgintoot in the CBS series Ghosts and as Donny in the Warner Bros./Netflix film Isn’t It Romantic.

What did Brandon Scott Jones play in?

Brandon Scott Jones/Appears in

Who plays Nigel on Ghosts?

Ghosts (TV Series 2021– ) – John Hartman as Nigel Chessum – IMDb.

What happened to Nigel Ghosts?

Death. While Isaac was admiring Nigel from afar with Eyesaac,” a re-1800s rifle with a telescope. He sneezed and accidentally pull the trigger killing an unsuspecting Nigel who was relaxing reading his book. Nigel had came to assume an cowardly sniper had taken his life until Isaac came forward 133 years laters.

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Who turned down the role in ghost?

The pair went through nineteen drafts of the screenplay together, and Zucker gave the script more structure. Paul Hogan was offered, but passed on the role of Sam Wheat, because he felt it wasn’t funny.

Was Patrick Swayze friends with Demi Moore?

Julie Newmar. Several of Swayze’s friends and former co-stars — among them Demi Moore, Sam Elliott, Rob Lowe, Jennifer Grey and Kelly Lynch — appear in the documentary, along with his widow Lisa Niemi and brother Don Swayze.

Who snitched on Ghost?

The file reveals that Dante Spears is an informant, and after speaking with MacLean, Riq finds out he’s one of the country’s most significant and most well-protected informants.

Where did Thorfinn go on ghosts?

Not long thereafter, Thorfinn is electrocuted in a thunderstorm and dies on the grounds of the future Woodstone mansion, his spirit becoming indefinitely tied to the area and later, the mansion (‘Viking Funeral’).

Who is the military man on Ghosts?

Exhibit A: during the show’s freshman season, Isaac the revolutionary military man (played by Brandon Scott Jones) came out after — get this — 250 years.

Who is the military guy on Ghosts?

The Captain is the ghost of a World War II army captain who resides in Button House and is portrayed by Ben Willbond. His real name is currently unknown as is almost all of his personal history. As a ghost, he seems to be closest with Fanny and Kitty.

Who plays headless man in Ghosts?

Humphrey Bone or Headless Humphrey is a Catholic Tudor nobleman, who died after being accidentally beheaded. His body spends most of the time searching for his head rather unsuccessfully. His head is portrayed by Laurence Rickard, who also plays Robin, while his body is portrayed by Yani Xander.

Who is Kevin Corbishley?

Kevin Corbishley is known for Anna Karenina (2012), Ghosts (2019) and Call the Midwife (2012).