Who plays Jigsaw’s wife?

Jill Tuck (formerly Jill Kramer) is a fictional character in the Saw franchise, portrayed by Betsy Russell. She is the ex-wife of John Kramer, also known as the Jigsaw Killer.

How old is Betsy Russell?

59 years (September 6, 1963)
Betsy Russell / Age

Who was Betsy on Two and a Half Men?

Two and a Half Men (TV Series 2003–2015) – Katy Mixon as Betsy – IMDb.

Who is Betsy on nailed it?

Betsy Sodaro is an American actress from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles. Sodaro is best known for her appearances on comedy programs such as Another Period, Duncanville, Clipped, Animal Practice, Nailed It and Big Time in Hollywood, FL.

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Who does Betsy marry?

Betsy is Charlie Harper‘s ex-girlfriend who appears in Season 7 and “marries” him, though it wasn’t legal.

Where is Betsy Sodaro from?

Leadville, Colorado, United States
Betsy Sodaro / Place of birth

The City of Leadville is a statutory city that is the county seat, the most populous community, and the only incorporated municipality in Lake County, Colorado, United States. The city population was 2,602 at the 2010 census and an estimated 2,762 in 2018. It is situated at an elevation of 10,152 feet.


How old is Betsy Sodaro?

38 years (June 10, 1984)
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Is Betsy Sodaro on Bob’s Burgers?

Sodaro is best known for her appearances on comedy programs such as Another Period, Clipped, Animal Practice, and Big Time in Hollywood, FL. In Bob’s Burgers she does the voices of Patty and Jackie.

Who is Nancy on ghost?

Ghosts (TV Series 2021– ) – Betsy Sodaro as Nancy – IMDb.

Where is oduma from?

Oduma also known as Oduma Achara is an agricultural community situated in Aninri Local government Area Enugu state. Oduma is the largest town situated in Aninri, with majority of its community as farmers.

What is the full name of Akpan?

Bassey Albert Akpan listen CON (born 28 October 1972) is a Nigerian politician who has been a member of the Senate of Nigeria since June 2015.

What is the name of the owner of ABEG?

Dare Adekoya – CEO / Design – Abeg Technologies | LinkedIn.