Who plays Marlton in zombies?

Scott Menville (voice of Marlton) grabs some down time with Jimmy Z. Phavon Crenshaw Hoskins and 71 others like this.

Who did Scott Menville play in Full House?

Full House (TV Series 1987–1995) – Scott Menville as Duane – IMDb.

How old is Scott Menville?

51 years (February 12, 1971)
Scott Menville / Age

Who voiced Billy in bo2?

Ray Liotta is the voice of Billy Handsome in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

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Why did they replace Captain Price?

Activision/IW wanted to have the voice actor for Price do mocap (motion capture) work for Price’s character in the game as well as voice acting. Billy Murray, the original voice actor, is 77 now, meaning mocap would probably be pretty hard.

Who was the CIA mole in Black Ops 2?

Jason Hudson, CIA.

Who are the voices of bo2?

  • Dave Anthony.
  • Dave Anthony(story) David S. Goyer(story) Micah Wright(additional dialogue: zombies)
  • Sam Worthington(voice) Michael Keaton(voice) Michael Rooker(voice)

Who played Billy Handsome?

Ray Liotta, a well known mobster-actor, portrays Handsome.

Is Jimmy Kimmel in bo2?

Jimmy Kimmel is an American comedian, and television host of the show Jimmy Kimmel Live! and makes a cameo in two of the endings of Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Is Victis still alive?

After being sent to Tag der Toten and rebuilding the Agarthan Device, Nikolai destroys the Summoning Key, destroying all universes touched by the Apothicons and Element 115. The Dark Aether swallows every dimension and everything in it, including Victis. It is unknown if they are still alive.

Is stuhlinger a cannibal?

Riddled with guilt due to his history of cannibalism, Samuel does not like to talk about himself around the others out of fear that they will either kill him or abandon him if they knew his secret.

How old is richtofen in origins?

Edward Richtofen (Gruntijackal)
Edward Richtofen
Age 34 (biologically) 103 (chronologically)
Gender Male
Creation Date