Who plays Todd Spodek wife in Inventing Anna?

Speaking of that desire: Spodek’s wife in Inventing Anna is played by Caitlyn FitzGerald, who is Tabitha on Succession, Roman Roy’s girlfriend.

Who is the wife of the lawyer in Inventing Anna?

According to his official bio, Spodek is still married and lives with his wife, Victoria, and their son in Brooklyn. Victoria is also a lawyer, previously working with Spodek at his firm. According to her LinkedIn, she then worked as a claims analyst for AIG and is now a cyber claims director at Chubb.

Did Todd from Inventing Anna stay married?

On the Netflix series Inventing Anna, cast members portray their real-life counterparts with impeccable accuracy. That certainly goes for lawyer Todd Spodek and his wife, Victoria Spodek. The couple, portrayed by Succession’s Arian Moayed and Caitlin FitzGerald, is still married.

Who plays Margaret Spodek?

Audiences may have instantly spotted a Succession reunion in the first episode of Inventing Anna between Arian Moayed’s Todd Spodek and his wife Margaret, played by Caitlin FitzGerald. Both Moayed and FitzGerald are well-known for their roles in HBO Max’s Succession.

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Is Neff still friends with Anna?

The aspiring filmmaker is still friends with Anna, and served as a consultant on the Netflix series.

Did Jessica Pressler go to Germany?

I did go to Germany though. I was hearing so many different stories about Anna, and it kept growing, and there were a lot of conspiracy theories going on, and I started to have so much material, I thought I would do a book of some kind. So I went, but it was not quite like that.

Who plays the defense lawyer in Inventing Anna?

Before he played Anna Delvey’s defense lawyer in “Inventing Anna,” Moayed had an innate sense of what it’s like to try and make it in New York City.

Who is Vivian Kent based on?

However, Kent is based on New York Magazine writer Jessica Pressler with a few fundamental differences. Pressler never assisted the defense with the case or relied on other journalists to do her research. And she insists that she definitely never tried to break into Anna’s parents’ German home.

Who is Nora Radford based on?

But while Nora Radford likely isn’t real, her character is based on the type of person who would have fallen victim to Anna’s grifting. In her New York Magazine story on Anna, Pressler details how Anna took advantage of Manhattan’s wealthy elite, and that would include someone like Nora.

What is Inventing Anna’s accent supposed to be?

Then, it becomes a show about a fascinating scammer with an absolutely wild accent — one everyone who’s seen the show has noticed. In real life Delvey is Anna Sorokin, a Russian national who posed as a tony German heiress.

Could Anna Delvey speak 7 languages?

Netflix Anna claims to have a photographic memory and to speak seven languages. “Not seven,” Sorokin clarified. “I speak four languages—in three voices.”

How long did Anna Delvey actually serve?

Delvey was released from prison on good behavior on February 11, 2021 after serving nearly four years.