Who recently sold their catalog of songs?

Phil Collins/Genesis. In September 2022, ‘The Wall Street Journal’ reported the music rights for Phil Collins and Genesis, along with some of the music of Mike + the Mechanics, sold to Concord Music Group Inc. for a reported $300 million.

What musicians have sold their catalogs?

Just like his Fleetwood Mac bandmates Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks, legendary guitarist Lindsey Buckingham sold the entirety of his catalog to Hipgnosis in a major 2020 deal. In addition to his published works, Buckingham’s deal with Hipgnosis also affords the company 50 percent of the artist’s future works.

Who just sold their back Catalogue?

In 2021, Bruce Springsteen became the latest artist to sell his rights and handed over the masters of his entire back catalogue and the publishing ownership to Sony Music Publishing in an astonishing $500 million deal.

Who just sold their music rights 2022?

Rockers Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks sold the rights to their individual music and their work together in the band Genesis to Concord Music Group Inc. for more than $300 million, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, becoming the latest music legends to cash in on their catalogs for a hefty sum.

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Who sold their music catalog 2022?

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Others who’ve sold their catalogs include Justin Timberlake, Stevie Nicks and Paul Simon.

Who owns the largest music catalog?

Sony Music Publishing (formerly Sony/ATV Music Publishing) is the largest music publisher in the world, with over five million songs owned or administered as of end March 2021.

Does Madonna own her music catalog?

Madonna Says She Will Never Sell Her Back Catalog – “Ownership is Everything”

Why are musicians selling their catalogs now?

Artists are cementing their legacies by selling their catalogs for cash as music becomes more valuable in the streaming era. Investors and music publishers have been buying catalogs for as much as 30 times their average annual royalties.

Who bought Bowie’s Back Catalogue?

The publishing rights to David Bowie’s huge and peerless catalogue of songs have been sold by his estate to Warner Chappell Music (WCM), the publishing arm of Warner Music Group, in a deal worth at least $250m (£185m) according to anonymous sources speaking to Variety.

Who did Justin Timberlake sell his Catalogue to?

Timberlake recently sold the entire music catalog from his 20-year career to London-based firm Hipgnosis Song Management, per a company announcement Thursday. The purchase includes all copyrights on tracks Timberlake has written or co-written.

Who has the biggest back Catalogue?

Music icon Bruce Springsteen tops the chart, selling his catalogue of 300 songs for a hefty estimated $500 million, including classics like Born in the USA and Born to Run.

Has Tina Turner sold her back Catalogue?

Tina Turner sells the rights to her back catalogue for millions, amid music industry gold rush. Soul and rock sensation Tina Turner has sold the rights to her music catalogue to publishers BMG in a deal estimated to be worth over $50 million (€43.2 million).