Who taught Amaury Guichon?

Early life and training

In 2005 at the age of 14, he began his culinary training at the École Hôtelière Savoie Leman in Thonon-les-Bains and participating in local competitions. He perfected his pastry making through a job at the Wolfisberg bakery in Geneva. He took up an apprenticeship at the Maison Lenôtre in Paris.

How much is Amaury Guichon pastry Academy?

News Unzip estimates Amaury Guichon’s net worth at somewhere between $8m and $9m. The 10% deposit for a 10 week 400-hour immersive course run by Amaury at his Pastry Academy costs $2,000 USD. He has also worked for over 16 years in the pastry industry which is likely to have earned him a hefty net worth.

Where did Amaury Guichon grow up?

Born in Cannes, the son of a Swiss mother and a French father, he grew up in Geneva and did an introductory pastry training session in Annemasse in the Haute Savoie region of France, near the Swiss border… at the age of 13!

Who is the Chocolatier on School of Chocolate?

School of Chocolate is a Netflix reality competition series hosted by Swiss-French pastry chef, artist and chocolatier Amaury Guichon and produced by Super Delicious Productions.

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How does Amaury Guichon make money?

Earnings from YouTube. On YouTube, Guichon has 458,000 followers and he posts longer versions of his TikTok videos on the channel. According to Social Blade, his monthly income is estimated to be $2.3K – $36.3K, while his yearly income from the platform is said to be between $27.2K – $436K.

How old is Amaury?

31 years (March 15, 1991)
Amaury Guichon / Age

Does Amaury guichon have a restaurant?

However, it looks like Amaury no longer works in the patisserie but runs his own school in Las Vegas in 2021. As per his website: “In 2014 he started his career in the United States at the Jean Philippe Patisserie in Las Vegas where he worked for 3 years.

Where was chef Amaury born?

Born in Cannes, Amaury Guichon is a French pastry chef and artist. Although he grew up in Switzerland, he started his career at Lenôtre on the French Riviera where he worked for a year before moving to Paris to handle his first role as boutique manager and head of product R&D at Hugo & Victor.

How did Amaury guichon get famous?

In 2012 he won the Regional Contest ‘Délices de la Méditerranée’ organized by famous French Chef Yves Thuriès, the first competition in which he was opposed to seasoned Professional. Amaury then moved back to Paris to handle his first role as boutique manager and head of product R&D at Hugo & Victor.

What does Amaury Guichon wife do?

A. Amaury’s wife, Fiona Bergson, is a Canadian native. As the owner of Imperial Tattoo Connexion in Montreal, she has a long list of accomplishments. Fiona, who is also a freelance photographer, frequently captures images of Amaury making chocolate.

Who is the most famous pastry chef?

Here is a list of the most famous pastry chefs from around the world:
  • Pierre Hermé
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  • Duff Goldman.
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Who is the most famous chocolate chef?

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