Who was Brad Pitt supposed to play in The Departed?

Pitt served as a producer on The Departed and was initially set to play Colin Sullivan, but he passed on the role in favor of a younger actor. Matt Damon eventually landed the gig.

Is departed a true story?

It is both a remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs and also loosely based on the real-life Boston Winter Hill Gang; the character Colin Sullivan is based on the corrupt FBI agent John Connolly, while the character Frank Costello is based on Irish-American gangster Whitey Bulger.

Who is Frank Costello based on in The Departed?

Last, but not least, Jack Nicholson stars as Frank Costello. Now, the film itself isn’t based on a true story, however Nicholson’s character is based on real-life Boston gangster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, who led the infamous Winter Hill Gang out of Somerville, Massachusetts, in the late 20th century, as per The Wrap.

Does Matt Damon play two parts in The Departed?

In The Departed (2006), Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg play two different characters— a subtle nod to them being two different actors, despite my wife being unable to tell them apart on the first viewing of the movie.

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Why is Costello an FBI informant?

Queenan tells Frank he’s going to get him, but Frank just laughs at him. Billy works a job to kill a guy who crossed Costello. But during the job, the guy lets slip that Costello is actually a protected FBI informant. The whole reason he’s never been caught is because he keeps selling out other gangsters.

Was Dignam fired?

After Queenan was murdered at the 344 Wash by Costello’s men, Dignam attacked Sergeant Colin Sullivan, who had ordered the internal investigation to stalk Captain Queenan. Captain Ellerby intervened, who became the boss of Dignam, who dismissed Dignam for two weeks, with pay.

Was Matt Damon good in The Departed?

The Departed is Damon’s best performance/role to date. He’s so good in the film you almost forget that he’s in the movie. After so many great turns as a hero (Bourne), roguish do-gooder (Good Will Hunting), and likable criminal (Oceans), it’s surprising how well Damon slips into the slimy skin of Sullivan.

How many actors in The Departed are from Boston?

Only two members of the main cast were actually from the Boston area (Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg), but they all put on accents.

Where was Matt Damon’s apartment in The Departed?

120 Tremont Street

Matt Damon’s fabulous apartment in the film is actually the top floor of the library at Suffolk University Law School. (In a bit of an ironic twist, his character was a student there.) It’s also where Marky Mark clips him at the end.

Does Brad Pitt appear in The Departed?

Martin Sheen was one of the last actors cast. The reason why he agreed to appear in the film was because he wanted to work with Martin Scorsese. Originally, Brad Pitt was cast as Colin Sullivan, but later dropped out to work with Alejandro G.

Why did Delahunt not tell?

Original question: In The Departed movie, why didn’t Delahunt tell his crew that Billy Costigan was a rat? Because Timothy Delahunt was also an undercover cop for the Boston Police Department.

Why wasn t Robert De Niro in The Departed?

Originally, Scorsese approached Robert De Niro with the role of Queenan. This would’ve marked the iconic duo’s first collaboration since 1995’s Casino, more than a decade later. However, since De Niro was prepping his next directorial effort The Good Shepherd at the time, he had to turn down the role.