Who was Jackie Chung in GREY’s anatomy?

Jackie Chung: Cleo Kim.

How old is Jackie Chung?

61 years (July 10, 1961)
Jackie Chung / Age

What movies has Jackie Chung played in?

Jackie Chung/Appears in

When was Jackie Chung born?

July 10, 1961 (age 61 years)
Jackie Chung / Date of birth

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How old is Minnie mill?

20 years (January 21, 2002)
Minnie Mills / Age

How old is Rachel Blanchard?

46 years (March 19, 1976)
Rachel Blanchard / Age

What happened to Nancy in Peep Show?

Disappearance and return. She disappears for a while after series 2, and gets swept up some Belgian nuns, ends up a crystal meth addict, and manages an IMAX in Bradford for a year and a half. She returns briefly in series 4 as an employee in at Champers Spa in South London.

Who plays Kitty Nygaard Fargo?

Rachel Louise Blanchard is a Canadian actress who portrays Kitty Nygaard in Season 1.

How tall is Rachel Blanchard?

1.73 m
Rachel Blanchard / Height

Who is Chaz wife in Fargo?

First seen. Kathrine “Kitty” Nygaard is the wife of Chazz Nygaard and mother of Gordo Nygaard.

Where is Rachel Blanchard from?

Toronto, Canada
Rachel Blanchard / Place of birth

Who plays Lesters sister in law in Fargo?

That Time Cher Horowitz Went to ‘Fargo’ Fargo is ripe with actors and actresses that’ll make you go “Where do I know that person from?” But actress Rachel Blanchard is a whole other story. Blanchard will return as Kitty Nygaard on Tuesday’s episode of FX’s Fargo , titled “The Rooster Prince”.