Who was Meagan Good first husband?

DeVon Franklin

What is Devon net worth?

Interactive chart of historical net worth (market cap) for Devon Energy (DVN) over the last 10 years. How much a company is worth is typically represented by its market capitalization, or the current stock price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding. Devon Energy net worth as of January 13, 2023 is $41.57B.

What is the net worth of Meagan Good?

Since then, she has gone on to star in over 80 productions including the 2021 TV series Harlem. As of 2021, she has an estimated net worth of $10million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This number comes from her growing acting career as well as her modeling work.

How much is DeVon Franklin?

DeVon Franklin Net Worth
Net Worth: $5 Million
Gender Male
Profession Preacher, Business executive

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How much does it cost to book Meagan Good?

The estimated speaking fee range to book Meagan Good for your event is $30,000 – $50,000. Meagan Good generally travels from and can be booked for (private) corporate events, personal appearances, keynote speeches, or other performances.

Did Franklin become rich?

Franklin arrived in Philadelphia in 1723 practically penniless, but over the next two decades he became enormously wealthy as a print shop owner, land speculator and publisher of the popular “Poor Richard’s Almanack.”

How much money does Franklin have snowfall?

Teddy has cleared Franklin’s accounts of the $73 million with which he plans to “make a very generous donation to [his] former employer.” If the past five seasons have taught us anything, it is that power distorts relationships.

How much is Reverend Kirk Franklin worth?

Kirk Franklin’s net worth is $8.5 million as of 2022. Franklin is a globally-recognised gospel musician, choir director, and author who gained fame in the 1990s. He founded the singing group called Kirk Franklin and The Family and also has a solo career.

What is DeVon Franklin famous for?

DeVon Franklin (born April 13, 1978) is an American producer, author, and motivational speaker. He is best known for the films Miracles from Heaven, Heaven Is for Real, and the New York Times best-seller book The Wait, which he co-wrote with his then-wife Meagan Good.

What is Franklin Graham worth?

Franklin Graham’s annual compensation of $880,000, revealed in a Charlotte Ob- server story, has some worrying that too many top Christian nonprofit leaders as well as pastors are seeing themselves as CEOs instead of as God’s servants.

What is the name of the richest pastor in the whole world?

Top 15 Wealthiest and Richest Pastors in The World 2023. In no particular order, the richest Pastor’s in the world are: 1. Bishop David Oyedepo: Bishop David Oyedepo is the founder and Senior Pastor of Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel, which happens to be one of the biggest Churches in the World.

How much is Billy Graham’s house worth?

The house is currently listed at $599,000. Rev. Graham, known as one of Charlotte’s favorite sons and the “pastor to the presidents,” died at age 99 in 2018 in Montreat.