Who was Sonya Aragon in The Sopranos?

The Sopranos (TV Series 1999–2007) – Sarah Shahi as Sonya Aragon – IMDb.

How did Chris know Sonya?

Sonya Sandiavo, a costume designer and stylist, and Chris Blair Vincent, an artist and entrepreneur first met at their neighbor’s wedding but it was at Sonya’s birthday party where sparks flew between the duo.

What episode is Sarah Shahi in Sopranos?

“The Sopranos” Kennedy and Heidi (TV Episode 2007) – Sarah Shahi as Sonya Aragon – IMDb.

Why is the episode called Kennedy and Heidi?

Double-Meaning Title: Kennedy and Heidi are the names of the teenage girls driving the car that nearly collides with Christopher’s vehicle. Heidi refuses to stop after the accident for fear of losing her learner’s permit for the curfew violation.

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What drug did Tony Soprano take?

Tony Soprano takes the antidepressants Prozac, lithium and Xanax. His mother is on Prozac, and his son takes Lexapro. Lorraine Bracco, who plays Tony’s psychiatrist, in real life suffers from depression and has “partnered” with the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to help sell Zoloft.

Was Christopher wearing his seatbelt?

Then Tony calls 911 for an ambulance. From his hospital gurney, Tony calls Carmela to break the news of Christopher’s death. Over the next few days, as the mourning begins, news spreads that Christopher tested positive for cocaine and wasn’t wearing his seat belt.

How is Carmela related to Christopher?

Christopher Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli)

Son of Dickie and distant cousin of Tony’s wife, Carmela, he’s considered part of the Soprano family, usually referred to as Tony’s nephew.

Are Tony and Carmela related?

Carmela Soprano (née DeAngelis), played by Edie Falco, is a fictional character on the HBO TV series The Sopranos. She is married to Mafia boss Tony Soprano.

What happens to Paulie in The Sopranos?

Afterward, he spent more time in and out of prison on various criminal charges. He eventually was inducted into the DiMeo crime family, becoming a close associate of Johnny Soprano and helping to mentor his son Tony.

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They were two of the most famous women in the world. Queen Elizabeth and Jacqueline Kennedy, the dazzling 32-year-old wife of JFK, the youngest president in United States history. And also two of the most private. So what did Jackie really think after the two women had a private lunch at Buckingham Palace in 1962?

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In the second season of “The Crown,” the first lady (Jodi Balfour) pays a visit to Buckingham Palace with her husband, President John F. Kennedy (Michael C.

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