Who wear number 18 in soccer?

Bruno Fernandez. Bruno Fernandez is a box-to-box attacking midfielder, a Portuguese soccer player, and current midfielder for the Premier League Club Manchester United. Fernandes has featured as a youth player for his country, including the under-19, under-20, under-21, and under-23 teams.

Who has jersey number 18 in football?

#18 – Paul Scholes.

What players are number 18?

The Top 10 List of NFL Players to Wear Number 18 on their Jersey !

Top Ten of Jersey 18

  • Peyton Manning.
  • Charlie Joiner.
  • Randy Moss.
  • Pete Henry.
  • Walt Kiesling.
  • Roman Gabriel.
  • Emmitt Thomas.
  • A.J. Green.

What soccer player is number 17?

After initially wearing the number 25 jersey, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is now going to wear the number 17, worn by several attacking players in FC Barcelona’s recent past, including Luuk De Jong, who had the number for the 2021/22 season.

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Who wears 19 in soccer?

Dwight Yorke

The Trinidad and Tobago international is the best player to wear the number 19 jersey. The English Premier League legend’s career is not talked about much, but to this day, he remains one of the most prolific goalscorers in the Premiership.

Who wears number 16 in soccer?

The second-choice goalkeeper wears, on many occasions, shirt number 12 which is the first shirt of the second line up, or number 13. In the past, when it was permitted to assign five substitute players in a match, the goalkeeper would also often wear the number 16, the last shirt number in the squad.

Who is jersey number 19 in football?

Harvey Elliott will wear the No. 19 shirt for Liverpool from the start of the 2022-23 season. The England U21 international has decided to switch from his previous number, 67, which he claimed following his arrival at the Reds in the summer of 2019.

What is number 9 in soccer?

9 – Striker / Center Forward – Strikers have one aim: to convert passing plays into a goal. That means they’ll need to be good with their heads and their feet and quick enough to turn the defenders inside out. They’ll also need to be in the right place at the right time to receive passes.

Who wears 14 in soccer?

Thierry Henry – Arsenal and Barcelona

14 shirt that had previously been sported by Martin Keown. He also took the number when he moved on to Barcelona in 2007, but took the No. 12 – also his France jersey – when he returned to Arsenal in 2012.

What England player is number 17?

Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka wears No 17, with clubmate Ben White handed No 21. Jude Bellingham takes No 22, the same shirt number he wears at club level with Dortmund. The England squad will fly out to Qatar this week on a plane called ‘Rain Bow’, according to ITV reports.

What does the number 17 mean in football?

Law 17 The Corner Kick. A corner kick is awarded when the whole of the ball passes over the goal line, on the ground or in the air, having last touched a player of the defending team, and a goal is not scored.

Who is Chelsea’s number 17?

Here are all of the official changes made to the Chelsea first team roster, which includes any number changes, returning loanees and new additions: No. 17: Raheem Sterling.