Who were Jimmy Carter’s children?

Jimmy Carter/Children

How many children do Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have?

Jimmy Carter
Born James Earl Carter Jr. October 1, 1924 Plains, Georgia, U.S.
Political party Democratic
Spouse Rosalynn Smith ​ ( m. 1946)​
Children Jack James III Donnel Amy

How is Jimmy Carter related to Elvis Presley?

President Carter is a sixth cousin once removed to Elvis Presley, and a sixth great-grandson of Valentine Pressler.

Who is Amy Carter’s second husband?

James Wentzel
Amy Carter / Husband (m. 1996)

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What does Amy Carter do for a living?

Political activist
Amy Carter / Profession

How old is Amy Carter now?

55 years (October 19, 1967)
Amy Carter / Age

Who is Amy Carters husband?

James Wentzel
Amy Carter / Husband (m. 1996)

How Old Is Billy Carter?

51 years (1937–1988)
Billy Carter / Age at death

How old is Rosalynn Carter?

95 years (August 18, 1927)
Rosalynn Carter / Age

Does Amy Carter have a child?

Hugo James Wentzel
Amy Carter / Children

Did Jimmy Carter have any pets?

Jimmy Carter had a border collie mix named Grits that was born on the same day Carter was elected president. Grits was a gift from his daughter Amy’s teacher.

Who is Joelle Carter’s father?

Her father, Jimmy, was in the U.S. Army and the family moved often throughout the United States. She attended high school in Albany, Georgia, and enrolled at Augusta State University on a full athletic scholarship for swimming and cross-country.