Why did Florida Evans leave Good Times?

Who were the characters in the show Good Times?

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Why did J.J. leave Good Times?

Stating creative differences with the show’s writers and producers, Amos said of his 1976 departure: “I left because I was told that my services were no longer needed because I had become a ‘disruptive element. ‘ In other words, I didn’t have the diplomacy that I think I’ve cultivated over the last 10 or 15 years.

Did Good Times get Cancelled?

Good Times is an American television sitcom that aired for six seasons on CBS, from February 8, 1974, to August 1, 1979.

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How much did they get paid on Good Times?

That idea became the 1974 hit “Good Times.” Evans and Monte were given credit as co-creators, and Monte was hired as one of the show’s writers. He says he was paid a salary of $2,000 a week, and received another payment for any of his scripts that were accepted.

How did Good Times end?

The series concludes with good times for everyone, as J.J. gets a new job, Thelma announces she’s pregnant, Keith recovers from the injury that threatened his career, and the Evans family finally moves out of the projects (along with Willona and Penny).

What is the best episode of Good Times?

GOOD TIMES – 10 Unforgettable Episodes With Esther Rolle as
  • Florida The Woman (Season 3, Episode 22 – Airdate February 17, 1976) 8:30 pm ET.
  • Florida Gets A Job (Season 6, Episode 5 – Airdate October 7, 1978) 10:00 pm ET.
  • Stomach Mumps (Season 6, Episode 6 – Airdate October 14, 1978) 10:30 pm ET.

Is Good Times a true story?

The movie is not based on a true story, but instead came from screenwriters Ronald Bronstein and Josh Safdie, the latter of whom directed the film with his brother, Ben Safdie. Ben also co-stars in the movie as Nick, the mentally handicapped brother of Pattinson’s Connie.

Who was the drunk on Good Times?

Ned the Wino is a recurring character who first appeared in “Springtime in the Ghetto” in Season 1. The part of Ned is played by Raymond Allen.

Who was abusing Penny on Good Times?

Later, they discover a horrifying secret – that Penny is viciously abused by her mother. A new neighbor girl, 10-year-old Penny Gordon, becomes friends with Willona and the Evans family. Later, they discover a horrifying secret – that Penny is viciously abused by her mother.

Who was the bully on Good Times?

Born Robert Douglas Grant, Jr. on May 10, 1959 in Columbus, Ohio. Douglas Grant was an actor who played Eddie, the extortionist who bullied Michael on “Good Times.”

Who played Barbara’s husband on Good Times?

Raymond Gilmore Allen (March 5, 1929 – August 10, 2020) was an American television actor.

Raymond Allen (television actor)

Raymond Allen
Occupation Actor
Years active 1946–1985
Known for Woodrow “Woody” Anderson – Sanford and Son Ned the Wino – Good Times
Spouse Barbara Williams ​ ​ ( m. 1963⁠–⁠1977)​