Why didn t Susan Olsen play in The Brady Bunch?

Susan Olsen (Cindy) was the only original cast member not to appear in the movie, because she decided to go on her honeymoon in Jamaica. She also found out that Paramount only had to deliver on five of the six “kids”, and wanted to pay Olsen the least, which was all the more reason for her to turn down the film.

How old is Susan Olsen from The Brady Bunch?

61 years (August 14, 1961)
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Who has passed away from the original Brady Bunch?

Robert Reed

How old is Cindy from The Brady Bunch now?

age 61

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Did Cindy wear a wig on The Brady Bunch?

5. Henderson wore a wig during the first season. Who knew hair was so important during the first season of The Brady Bunch?

Are all the Brady kids alive?

The four of them, plus their two on-screen siblings Maureen McCormick (Marcia) and Eve Plumb (Jan), make up the last surviving members of the TV family. Dad, played by Robert Reed, died in 1992, and Alice actress Ann B. Davis passed away in 2014.

How did Mr Brady pass away?

Remembering Robert Reed aka Mike Brady, the Dad from ‘The Brady Bunch,’ Who Died From Colon Cancer. Late actor Robert Reed, known for playing logical patriarch Mike Brady on The Brady Bunch, died from colon cancer 31 years ago at 59 years old.

Is Bobby Brady paralyzed?

Bobby’s first job was at Sam’s Butcher’s Shop. Bobby was in a college baseball team. However, he dropped out of college and became a race-car driver. His racing career ended abruptly when he crashed and ended up paralyzed from the waist down, making him a wheelchair-user.

Why was Mr Brady not in the last episode?

Davis (Alice Nelson) and Barry Williams (Greg Brady) are the only actors to appear in all 117 episodes of the series. Robert Reed missed one episode due to another acting commitment, and he refused to do the final episode because he thought its plot was ridiculous.

What is the uncomfortable scene that ended The Brady Bunch?

Did Greg and Marcia date on the show?

5. Off screen: Greg and Marcia. Williams has said he had the hots for Maureen McCormick, who played his sister Marcia, right from the start. But because she was only 12 (he was 14) when the show began filming, their romance didn’t take off for a few years.

Did Marcia Brady flash the crew?