Why does Chester from Luxurypranks wear sunglasses?

Trivia. Chester appears to like talking to people on the dark web, having a “dealer” who gives him access to multiple websites that normally you wouldn’t be able to access. He often wears sunglasses to obscure his eyes, why he does this is currently unknown.

Why does Casey always wear glasses?

Why people wear sunglasses indoors?

Sunglasses can hide the shape or color of an individual’s eyes. Larger styles can also cover more extensive areas of the face. Those wearing sunglasses inside could just be trying to look stylish or express a sense of mystery.

Why do people wear shades?

The most important benefit of wearing sunglasses is that they protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light can have harmful effects on the eyelid, cornea, lens and retina.

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Do shades make you more attractive?

Sunglasses, especially those with dark lenses, cover asymmetrical ‘imperfections’ around your eyes. Thus, when you put on a pair of sunglasses, you bring instant symmetry to your face that increases the perception of your natural beauty.

When should you not wear sunglasses?

You might not opt to sport your shades on cloudy or stormy days, when the sun doesn’t seem so bright. In fact, only 17% of people do! But reflected rays from the snow causes a double whammy in terms of UV exposure, and can cause a painful condition known as snow blindness.

Why do girls wear shades all time?

Just as she was secretive about her identity with the simple moniker H.E.R., the California native also likes that the shades give her anonymity. While she’s not the first musician to obscure her face, it’s not about stage fright or shyness so much as wanting her music to be the focus.

Why do people wear shades in the night?

Itching, watery eyes, or squinting may become a regular concern if not taken care of. In such cases, sunglasses can be a perfect item to protect your eyes from bright light, glare, or reflection to avoid infuriating eye discomfort and vision problems.

Why do we have to wear shades during summer?

They help protect our eyes from exposure to harmful Ultraviolet radiation. Sunglasses are proven to prevent damage to the eyes in the long run.

What happens if you wear shades at night?

No, wearing shades at night is not a good idea. Even if you are using them for light sensitivity, wearing glasses at night can actually make that photosensitivity worse. After all, our vision is already impaired at night. So adding dark lenses to an already dark space is simply not a good idea.

What happens if you wear shades all the time?

If you have sunglasses on constantly, your eyes will miss some of the 1,500-some wavelengths that contribute to your eye health. Blocking too much sun impacts the entire body: Not only does constantly shielding the sun from your eyes impact your eye health negatively, but it also negatively affects the entire body.

Do you get vitamin D wearing sunglasses?

Vitamin D deficiency– the retinas in our eye are a hot spot for vitamin D absorption. Yes, the skin, liver and kidneys play their roles too, but if you are wearing sunnies all the time, your eyes miss out of their ability to help with vitamin D. 2.