Why is Shyla Walker’s sister in the hospital?

The social media star wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post that Shanice was in hospital suffering from brain damage. She wrote: “This is my sister Shanice walker, she is only 29. We were just getting our family together again.

What is Shyla walkers job?

Born October 14, 1997, Shyla Walker is an American YouTuber who shot to fame with her makeup tutorial videos early on in her social media career.

Who was Shyla Walker with?

Shyla was previously in a long-term relationship with Austin’s brother, Landon McBroom. Together, Shyla and Landon launched a joint YouTube channel in 2017 where they shared vlogs of their life, amassing over 3 million subscribers.

What did Catherine say about Shyla?

Catherine goes on to say that Shyla “jumped on the bandwagon” of the ACE Family’s success and insinuates that the 24-year-old was happy to feature Souline in content “for clout” while she was still dating Landon because it helped her career.

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What did Shyla say about the Mcbrooms?

This time, Shyla called Landon a “deadbeat.” She slammed her ex-partner through her Instagram stories and said: “You are literally disgusting.” That just doesn’t end there. Shyla also claimed that Landon McBroom is a narcissist and that he only cares about his money and what people think about him.

How did Landon and Shyla meet?

She met Landon when he reached out to her on Twitter in 2016, and they soon went on a date to the movies in Santa Monica. When Landon went to pick Shyla up, she made him wait 30 minutes, and she almost didn’t go after he started honking at her to hurry up.

How did the Ace family get rich?

The ACE family is set for life based on their YouTube channel. And they didn’t inherit the money – neither was born into wealth. The family earned its money through YouTube ad revenue, merchandise sales, and sponsorship money, a common path for YouTube’s creator community.

How much is the Ace family worth?

YouTube. Net Worth Spot estimates that the ACE Family YouTube channel has an estimated net worth of about $1.58 million on its own and the channel earns an estimated $395,020 a year, based on the estimate that YouTube channels earn anywhere between $3-$7 per one thousand views.

Who are the Ace family?

The Ace Family is a vlog-style YouTube account with over 18 million subscribers. Launched in 2016, the channel revolves around the lives and antics of parents Austin and Catherine McBroom and their three young children.

Did ACE Family lose their house?

Instagram: Austin McBroom The ACE Family have officially left their $10 million mansion after the home was foreclosed – and now a TikToker seeming to show the home is saying it was left in a state of “disarray.”

What has The ACE Family lied about?

A TikTok video exposing the Ace family has gone viral on the video sharing-platform. The family’s foreclosed home is being showcased in a state of “disarray.” This comes after the family vlogging channel slammed their former contractors for stealing money and lying about the state of the house.

Is The ACE Family quitting YouTube?

The ACE Family, who are frequently embroiled in controversy and once commanded upward of 200 million views per month on YouTube, says that after the end of 2022, they’re done being full-time content creators.