Will your friends light on Bisnow?

Bisnow Media CEO Will Friend, 33, tragically passed after being struck by lightning during a boating trip on Sunday. Friend had been sailing near Masonboro Island in Wilmington, N.C. when a thunderstorm suddenly formed, leaving him stranded on the water.

Who is the CEO of Bisnow?

Will Friend

Will Friend North Carolina Bisnow?

Will Friend, a Southern Methodist University graduate who helped build the Bisnow media brand, died over the Fourth of July weekend after being struck by lightning. He was 33 years old. The deadly lightning strike happened July 3 while Friend was boating off the coast of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Can a friend boat lightning?

A man killed by lightning on July 3 in North Carolina has been identified as William Friend, the husband of “One Tree Hill” star Bevin Prince, officials say. Friend, 33, was struck by lightning while on a boat near a beach at Masonboro Island, according to the National Lightning Safety Council.

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Will Friend passed away?

Will Friend / Date of death

What celebrity was struck by lightning?

William Friend, the husband of One Tree Hill actress Bevin Prince, died over July 4 weekend after he was struck by lightning in North Carolina.

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Does lightning hit cruise ships?

Absolutely. Tall ships did get struck by lightning quite often, but just because a ship is struck by lightning doesn’t mean it will be completely destroyed.

Are boats grounded from lightning?

Boats made of steel, such as naval vessels, have an automatic ground in their metal hulls; but most small boats, usually constructed of fiberglass or wood, prevent the lightning easy access to the water and pose a grounding problem.

What to do if you get caught in a thunderstorm on a boat?

If you’re caught in a thunderstorm out on the water, seek shelter in your boat’s cabin, if it has one. Close all windows to prevent taking on water from high waves and rain. If the vessel doesn’t have any sort of shelter, remain as low as possible, in the lowest and most central part of the boat.

How do you protect a boat from lightning?

Small boats can be protected with a portable lightning protection system. This would consist of a mast of sufficient height to provide the cone of protection connected by a flexible copper cable to a submerged ground plate of at least one square foot.

How often do boats get hit by lightning?

According to reports from our BoatUS Marine Insurance claim files, the odds of your boat being struck by lightning in any year are about one in 1,000.

What material is lightning proof?

Copper and its alloys are the most common materials used in lightning protection.