, Guru Bipin Singh  : Unleashing the Masterclass, The Famous Celebrity

Guru Bipin Singh : Unleashing the Masterclass

Guru Bipin Singh

Guru Bipin Singh was a renowned Indian dancer and choreographer, known for his significant contributions to Manipuri dance. With his exceptional skill and artistry, he played a pivotal role in popularizing Manipuri dance forms worldwide. His innovative choreography and dedication to preserving traditional dance made him a respected figure in the world of dance.


Full NameGuru Bipin Singh
Born23 August 1918
Died9 January 2000
OccupationDirector, Choreographer, Teacher of Manipuri Dance

Early Life

Guru Bipin Singh – Early Life

Guru Bipin Singh was born into a Bishnupriya Manipuri family as the scion of a traditional doctor and a gifted singer. His childhood was marked by intense training in singing and dancing, laying the foundation for his future as a renowned Manipuri dancer. Under the guidance of Guru Amudon Sharma and with the support of Manipur’s king, Singh immersed himself in the art of Manipuri dance. This early exposure to traditional arts and culture shaped his passion and expertise in dance, setting the stage for a remarkable career as a choreographer and a prominent figure in popularizing Manipuri dance.


Family MemberName
GrandfatherP. Tona Singh
Father / PoetLaikhomsana Singh
Mother / VocalistIndubala Devi
SiblingsNot mentioned in the provided information

Guru Bipin Singh was born into a Bishnupriya Manipuri family. His grandfather, P. Tona Singh, was a Manipuri Maiba (priest), while his father, Laikhomsana Singh, was a poet, and his mother, Indubala Devi, was a vocalist. Singh is regarded as the Father of Manipuri Dance and began training in his childhood, studying singing and dancing before focusing on Manipuri dance. He was also known for choreographing many dance dramas and solo dances and producing many students in the field of Manipuri dance.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

Guru Bipin Singh’s Body Measurements
HeightInformation not available
WeightInformation not available
Other MeasurementsInformation not available

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Guru Bipin Singh’s Relationships

Guru Bipin Singh is currently married to Bimbavati Devi. They got married on [marriage date, if available].

Wife Details

Bimbavati Devi is a renowned Manipuri dancer and has received the Nandita Kripalini Award from the West Bengal State Academy of Dance, Drama, Music, and Visual Arts, Govt. of West Bengal.

PartnerRelationship TypeDetails
Kalavati DeviPrevious WifeInformation not available
[Name of Previous Girlfriend/Boyfriend]Previous Girlfriend/BoyfriendInformation not available
[Name of Another Previous Partner][Relationship Type]Information not available

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Guru Bipin Singh – Career, Achievements, and Controversies

How He Became Famous

Guru Bipin Singh became famous as a pioneer of Manipuri dance and for his outstanding skill in the field of dance choreography.

Career And Achievements

Guru Bipin Singh had a prolific career in the field of Manipuri dance. He was known for his in-depth study of Shastras, vast knowledge of tradition of Ras and Sankirtan, and his creative genius with aesthetic sensibility. He was also the mentor of leading Manipuri artist and Padmashri recipient, Darshana Jhaveri.

Some of his popular works include choreographing traditional Manipuri dance performances and training several renowned dancers in the field.

He received the prestigious title of ‘Nrityacharya’ conferred by the Maharaja of Manipur and was also the recipient of numerous awards and titles for his contributions to the art of Manipuri dance.


He was the recipient of the ‘Nrityacharya’ title conferred by the Maharaja of Manipur. Additionally, he received numerous prestigious awards and titles for his outstanding skill and contributions to the field of Manipuri dance.


There seems to be a lack of verifiable data around controversies involving Guru Bipin Singh as no credible sources relating to any controversies were found.


Guru Bipin Singh – FAQs

Guru Bipin Singh was a renowned Indian classical dancer and choreographer, known for his significant contributions to the Manipuri dance form.

Guru Bipin Singh made significant contributions to the preservation, promotion, and popularization of Manipuri dance both in India and internationally. He was particularly known for his innovative choreography and his efforts to blend traditional elements with contemporary influences.

Guru Bipin Singh received his training in Manipuri dance from the renowned gurus, Amubi Singh and Amubi Devi, in Manipur, India. He also studied various other dance forms and techniques to enrich his artistic expression.

Absolutely. Guru Bipin Singh’s legacy continues to inspire and influence dancers, choreographers, and scholars in the field of Indian classical dance. His choreographic works and teachings have left a lasting impact on the art form.

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