, Mandy Jiroux: Unleashing Her Dance Fitness Secrets, The Famous Celebrity

Mandy Jiroux: Unleashing Her Dance Fitness Secrets

Mandy Jiroux is a multi-talented artist, known for her work as a singer, dancer, and choreographer. She gained widespread recognition for her role as a featured dancer and choreographer on the Miley Cyrus “Best of Both Worlds” tour. Mandy has since continued to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry through her creative endeavors and inspiring dance tutorials.


NameMandy Jiroux
Birth NameAmanda Michelle Jiroux
ProfessionsSinger, Dancer, Actor, Choreographer, DJ
Notable WorkCo-developer of “The Miley and Mandy Show” with Miley Cyrus
YouTube ChannelDance tutorial channel

Early Life

Early Life of Mandy Jiroux

Mandy Jiroux, born Amanda Michelle Jiroux, is an American singer, dancer, actor, choreographer, and DJ. Mandy Jiroux was born and raised in Arizona, USA. She later moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in the entertainment industry. Her passion for dancing and performing led her to co-develop “The Miley and Mandy Show” with Miley Cyrus, gaining recognition for her talent and creativity. Throughout her career, she has been known for her choreography, backup dancing, and solo music projects.


ParentsAmanda JirouxAmanda Jiroux, also known as Mandy Jiroux, is an American singer, dancer, actor, choreographer, and DJ.
Brad JirouxBrad Jiroux is the father of Mandy Jiroux.
SiblingNoneThere is no public information about Mandy Jiroux having any siblings.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

HeightNot available
WeightNot available
BustNot available
WaistNot available
HipsNot available

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Mandy Jiroux’s Relationship Status

Mandy Jiroux was previously in a relationship with Brian Maddox from Stereo Skyline.


Social Media:

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Mandy Jiroux – Career, Achievements, and Controversies

Mandy Jiroux is a multi-talented artist known for her work as a singer, DJ, dancer, and choreographer. She gained initial fame through her association with Miley Cyrus, and later pursued a successful career in music and entertainment.

Throughout her career, Mandy Jiroux has achieved notable success in maintaining a diverse profile in the entertainment industry. She has showcased her talent as a recording artist, DJ, and dancer, while also collaborating with YouTube sensation Kurt Schneider to produce a Zedd medley.

Mandy Jiroux has managed to maintain a relatively controversy-free public image. While associated with Miley Cyrus, she was not involved in the controversial moments that surrounded Cyrus. Unlike some of her peers, Mandy has successfully avoided being embroiled in scandals or controversies that could tarnish her reputation.

Mandy Jiroux is known for her amazing personality and has not been involved in any public controversies. She has focused on building her career and maintaining a positive public image.


Who Is Mandy Jiroux?

Mandy Jiroux is a dancer, choreographer, singer, and YouTuber known for her dance tutorials, music covers, and original music.

What Is Mandy Jiroux Known For?

Mandy Jiroux is known for her popular dance tutorials on YouTube, her choreography work with various artists, and her music covers and original songs.

Where Can I Find Mandy Jiroux’s Dance Tutorials?

You can find Mandy Jiroux’s dance tutorials on her YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

Has Mandy Jiroux Collaborated With Any Artists?

Yes, Mandy Jiroux has collaborated with various artists for dance choreography and music covers. She has also been a featured dancer in music videos for several well-known artists.

Is Mandy Jiroux Also A Singer?

Yes, Mandy Jiroux is also a singer and has released original music as well as covers of popular songs.

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