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Marc Robinson : Mastering the Game

Marc Robinson is an accomplished fashion model and actor known for his work in the entertainment industry. With a captivating presence on the runway and screen, he has garnered a strong following and widespread recognition for his talent and striking looks. Robinson continues to make a significant impact in both the fashion and entertainment worlds.


NameMarc Robinson
ProfessionsActor, Former Model, Beauty Pageant Director, Grooming Expert
Career Highlights
  • Initiated career as a leading supermodel
  • Television presenter for channel V
  • Played male lead roles in Bada Din (1998) opposite Shabana Azmi and Tara Deshpande

Early Life

Marc Robinson, an Indian actor and former model, was born and raised in India. He began his career in the fashion industry and later became a beauty pageant director and grooming expert. After high school, he served in the Army Reserve and eventually moved to the United States to attend North Carolina A&T State University. It is here that he met his wife Yolanda, and they are now proud parents of two children and grandparents to two grandchildren. Robinson initially worked at several furniture factories in the Triad region before pursuing his passion for acting and modeling.


Marc RobinsonSelf
ParentsInformation not available
SiblingsInformation not available

Marc Robinson is a renowned Indian actor and former model known for his work in the fashion industry. He is also a beauty pageant director and a grooming expert. Apart from his professional career, details about his parents and siblings are not publicly available. Robinson’s contributions to the entertainment and fashion industries have earned him a significant reputation, but specific information regarding his family members remains private.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

Based on available information, the specific measurements are not known. However, we can provide some general details about Marc Robinson’s physical attributes.

HeightNot available
WeightNot available
Body MeasurementsNot available
Eye ColorNot available

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Marc Robinson’s Relationship Status
NameRelationship Type
Kameron RobinsonGirlfriend
Preity ZintaGirlfriend

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Marc Robinson – Career, Achievements, and Controversies

Marc Robinson is a prominent figure in the world of theater and performance studies. He holds the position of Professor in the Practice of Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism at the David Geffen School of Drama. His career in public speaking has contributed to his national recognition.

Throughout his career, Marc Robinson has made significant contributions to the field of American studies and theater. He has been recognized for his work as a professor and his noteworthy achievements in the practice of dramaturgy and dramatic criticism.

Despite his achievements, Marc Robinson has attracted controversy as a result of his outspoken views on different topics, including LGBTQ+ rights, guns, and abortion. His outspoken nature and controversial statements have brought him under scrutiny, with some of his views being deemed extremist by certain individuals.

Marc Robinson’s career has been marked by his role as a highly regarded professor and public speaker. While he has achieved notable success in his field, his outspoken nature and controversial views have also led to scrutiny and criticism.


Marc Robinson FAQs

Marc Robinson is a renowned fashion choreographer, model, and actor from India. He is well-known for his work in the Indian fashion industry.

Marc Robinson has worked with numerous notable brands, designers, and celebrities in the fashion industry. He has also been involved in various fashion shows, events, and training programs.

You can find more information about Marc Robinson’s work on his official website, social media profiles, and through various fashion industry publications and websites.

For inquiries about collaborations, events, or other professional opportunities involving Marc Robinson, you can contact his management team or representative through the contact information provided on his official website.

Yes, Marc Robinson has been involved in mentorship and training programs for aspiring models, choreographers, and fashion professionals. You can find information about his training programs on his official website and through his social media channels.

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