Jihyo: Unveiling K-Pop Sensation’s Inspiring Journey

Jihyo is a South Korean singer and actress, best known as the leader of the popular K-pop girl group TWICE. Born in 1997, she debuted with TWICE in 2015 and has since gained widespread recognition for her vocal talent and charismatic stage presence. Jihyo has also ventured into acting and continues to inspire fans with her versatile talents.


Real NamePark Ji-soo
Date of BirthFebruary 1, 1997
PositionLeader and vocalist
Debut Extended PlayZone (August 2023)
Debut Extended Play SalesHalf a million copies in first week
Lead Single“Killin’ Me Good”
Chart PerformanceCharted in five countries

Early Life

Park Jihyo, also known by her real name Jisoo (Park Jisoo), was born and raised in Guri, Gyeonggi, South Korea. She demonstrated her talent for singing and performing arts from a young age. Jihyo started her journey as an artist at a very early age, joining JYP Entertainment as a trainee at eight years old with the dream of debuting as a singer. Initially known by her birth name, she later legally changed her name to Jihyo after turning sixteen. Despite the early challenges, her determination and passion for music led her to become a member of the popular K-POP girl group TWICE. Throughout her career, she has continued to shine as a talented singer and performer, gaining widespread recognition and popularity in the industry.


Family MemberNameInformation
ParentsCho Mi-jaCho Mi-ja is Jihyo’s mother. Jihyo’s father’s information is not available.
SiblingsSeoyeon and JiyoungJihyo has two younger sisters named Seoyeon and Jiyoung. Their personal details are not widely available.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

HeightNot specified
WeightNot known
Eye ColorNot specified
Body ShapeNot specified

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Jihyo’s Relationship

Jihyo is currently in a relationship with Kang Daniel.

Add more rows for previous relationships if applicable
NameRelationship Type
Kang DanielCurrent boyfriend

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Jihyo – Career, Achievements, and Controversies

Park Ji-hyo, also known as Jihyo, became famous as the leader and vocalist of the South Korean girl group Twice, formed by JYP Entertainment. Her talent for singing and performing arts was evident from a young age.

Jihyo’s career started with Twice, which has become one of the most dominant K-pop groups. She has contributed to the group’s popular works and has gained recognition as a vocalist and performer in the K-pop industry. Jihyo has also made her solo debut, showcasing her talent and versatility.

Popular Works:

  • Twice’s hit songs and albums
  • Jihyo’s solo debut EP


  • Various awards won by Twice as a group
  • Awards or nominations received for Jihyo’s solo work

Jihyo has been involved in controversies, with some fans and critics labeling her as the most problematic member of Twice. She has faced criticism and neglect in her role as a vocalist and dancer, leading to controversies surrounding her contributions to the group.

Notable Controversies:

  • Neglect as a vocalist and dancer
  • Perceived problematic behavior

Jihyo’s career has undoubtedly been marked by her success as a member of Twice and her solo endeavors. However, controversies have also contributed to the public perception of her. Despite this, Jihyo remains a prominent figure in the K-pop industry.


Jihyo FAQs

Who Is Jihyo?

Jihyo, whose full name is Park Jihyo, is a South Korean singer and the leader of the popular K-pop girl group TWICE.

When Was Jihyo Born?

Park Jihyo was born on February 1, 1997.

What Is Jihyo Known For?

Jihyo is known for her powerful vocals, charismatic stage presence, and leadership as the main vocalist and leader of TWICE.

Has Jihyo Released Any Solo Music?

As of now, Jihyo has not released solo music outside of her work with TWICE, but she has contributed to the group’s albums and songs as a vocalist and songwriter.

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