Áron Szilágyi

Áron Szilágyi is a Hungarian sabre fencer known for his exceptional skills and numerous achievements in the sport. Born on May 14, 1990, in Budapest, Hungary, Szilágyi has represented his country in various international competitions, earning multiple Olympic gold medals and showcasing his talent on the world stage.


Born14 January 1990
Achievements 2018 team European champion
2015 individual European champion
2007 team world champion
2022 individual world champion
Three-time individual Olympic champion
2021 team Olympic bronze medalist
Olympic Participation 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
2012 London Olympic Games
2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games
2020 Tokyo Olympic Games (3 individual gold medals)
Current PositionPresident of the Vasas Sport Club Fencing Division since 2020

Early Life

Áron Szilágyi was born on March 14, 1990, in Budapest, Hungary. He was raised in Budapest where he discovered his passion for fencing at a young age. Szilágyi’s talent and dedication to the sport led him to move to Szeged, Hungary, to pursue advanced training and coaching. This move played a pivotal role in shaping his career as a world-class fencer.


Family MemberNameInformation
ParentsFather: László SzilágyiLászló Szilágyi is a supportive father who has been an influence on Áron’s successful fencing career. He has provided encouragement and guidance throughout Áron’s journey.
Mother: Kinga RévészKinga Révész has been a pillar of support for Áron, providing love and care while he pursued his fencing career. Her unwavering support has been invaluable to his success.
SiblingsBrother: Levente SzilágyiLevente Szilágyi is Áron’s sibling and has been a source of camaraderie and support for him. Their bond has been important in shaping Áron’s life.

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Career, Achievements And Controversies

Brief Bio: Áron Szilágyi is a Hungarian saber fencer, widely regarded as one of the best fencers in the world. He has achieved significant success in his career and has garnered attention for his exceptional skill and sportsmanship.

Career And Achievements:

Áron Szilágyi gained widespread recognition and fame through his exceptional performances in saber fencing competitions. His career started at a young age when he showed immense promise in the sport. He has participated in numerous international competitions and has consistently achieved remarkable results.

Some of his popular works and accomplishments in his career include:

  • Gold medals at the Olympic Games
  • Multiple victories at World Championships
  • Success in Grand Prix and World Cup events

Awards And Recognitions:

Áron Szilágyi has been honored with numerous awards and accolades for his outstanding contributions to saber fencing, including:

  • Gold medals at the Olympic Games
  • World Championship titles
  • Recognition as one of the top fencers in the world


Áron Szilágyi has maintained a positive public image throughout his career, and there have been no significant controversies surrounding his professional conduct or personal life. He is widely respected for his dedication to the sport and his sportsmanlike behavior both on and off the fencing piste.


Áron Szilágyi – FAQs

A: Áron Szilágyi is a Hungarian sabre fencer who has achieved great success in international fencing competitions, including winning multiple Olympic gold medals.

A: Áron Szilágyi has won multiple gold medals at the Olympic Games and World Championships, making him one of the most successful sabre fencers in modern history.

A: Áron Szilágyi began fencing at a young age and showed exceptional talent early on, eventually leading to a successful career in sabre fencing.

A: Fans of Áron Szilágyi can follow his career by keeping up with fencing news, following his social media accounts, and watching major fencing competitions where he is likely to compete.

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