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Birgit Fischer

Birgit Fischer is a German former sprint kayaker who is widely considered one of the greatest Olympic athletes of all time. Born on February 25, 1962, Fischer won eight Olympic gold medals and four silver medals during her illustrious career. She is known for her exceptional speed and endurance in the sport of kayaking.


Born25 February 1962
Olympic Gold Medals8
Olympic Games Represented6 (twice representing East Germany, then four times representing the reunited nation)
Youngest/Oldest Olympic Canoeing ChampionAges 18 and 42
German Sportswoman of the Year2004
BirthplaceBrandenburg an der Havel, East Germany
OccupationSports Instructor (National People’s Army), Photographer
FamilyMarried to Jörg Schmidt (1984-1993), 2 children
Other Notable Achievements38 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships medals (including 28 golds)
AdditionalHer niece, Fanny, competed for Germany at the 2008 Summer Olympics and won a gold in the K-4 500 m event. Her brother Frank won nine world championship medals between 1981 and 1986.

Early Life

Birgit Fischer was born on February 25, 1962, in Brandenburg an der Havel, East Germany. She grew up in the town of Brandenburg an der Havel and began her athletic career in the local sports club. Her family later moved to East Berlin, where she continued her training and began to make a name for herself as a talented young paddler. This move provided her with access to better training facilities and coaching, setting the stage for her remarkable career as one of the most successful Olympic athletes in the history of canoeing.


Family MemberNameInformation
ParentsUnknownBirgit Fischer’s parents’ names are not publicly available
SiblingsUnknownThere is limited information about Birgit Fischer’s siblings

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

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Height1.76 m
Weight68 kg

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Birgit Fischer – Relationships

Birgit Fischer is happily married to Stefan Pfürtner. They got married on September 15, 2001. Stefan Pfürtner is a supportive partner and has been a source of strength for Birgit in her career and life.

RelationshipDurationAdditional Information
Previous Marriage1978-1990Birgit was previously married to Jörg Schmidt, with whom she shares a child.
Girlfriend1995-1998Birgit was in a relationship with Anna Schmidt during this period.

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Birgit Fischer

Career: Birgit Fischer is a German former canoeist who is considered one of the greatest Olympians of all time. She became famous through her exceptional achievements in the sport of canoeing.

How she became famous: Fischer became famous by winning an incredible array of Olympic medals spanning over six Olympic Games, showcasing her dominance and longevity in the sport.

Career Start and Popular Works: Fischer’s career started in 1980, and she went on to win a total of 12 Olympic medals, including 8 gold medals. Her accomplishments made her one of the most successful Olympic athletes of all time.

Awards: Throughout her career, Fischer received numerous accolades, including the German Female Athlete of the Year award and the Olympic Order by the International Olympic Committee.

Controversies: There are no known major controversies surrounding Birgit Fischer. She is widely respected for her sportsmanship and dedication to the sport of canoeing.


Birgit Fischer FAQs

Birgit Fischer is a legendary German kayaker who is regarded as one of the greatest Olympic athletes of all time. She has won numerous Olympic medals and world championships during her career.

Birgit Fischer has won a total of 8 gold medals and 4 silver medals across 6 different Olympic Games, making her one of the most successful Olympians in history.

Birgit Fischer specialized in sprint kayak events, particularly the K-1 (kayak single) and K-4 (kayak four) disciplines. She excelled in both individual and team events.

Birgit Fischer’s legacy is one of unparalleled success and longevity in the sport of kayaking. Her achievements have inspired countless athletes and have solidified her status as a true icon in the world of Olympic sports.

Birgit Fischer officially retired from competitive kayaking in 2004, leaving behind a remarkable legacy that continues to inspire athletes around the world.

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