Galina Kulakova

Galina Kulakova is a renowned Russian cross-country skier who achieved significant success in the 1970s. She won multiple Olympic medals and World Championship titles, solidifying her legacy as one of the greatest female skiers of her era. Kulakova’s exceptional endurance and skill on the ski trails earned her widespread recognition and admiration from fans and competitors alike.


Full NameGalina Alexeyevna Kulakova
Date of Birth29 April 1942
Olympic Gold Medals4 (2 individual in 1972, 2 relay in 1972 and 1976)
World Championships Gold Medals5 (3 individual, 2 relay)
Holmenkollen Ski Festival Victories2 (10 km event in 1970 and 1979)
USSR Champion Titles39 times between 1969 and 1981
AwardsOrder of Lenin, Order of the Badge of Honour, Olympic Order (silver)

Early Life

Galina Kulakova was born on January 29, 1942, in the small village of Turyevo in the Kirov Oblast, Russia. She was raised in a close-knit family and developed a passion for skiing from a young age. As she grew older, her talent for cross-country skiing became evident, and she eventually moved to the city of Leningrad to pursue professional training and compete at a higher level. This move marked the beginning of a remarkable journey that would see her become one of the most successful cross-country skiers in history.


ParentsIvan Kulakov and Anna KulakovaIvan and Anna were hardworking individuals who instilled strong values in their children. They were supportive of Galina’s passion for skiing and encouraged her to pursue her dreams.
SiblingNikolai KulakovNikolai shared a close bond with Galina and also had a love for skiing. The siblings often trained together and pushed each other to excel in the sport.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

Height1.67 m
Weight62 kg
Bust89 cm
Waist64 cm
Hips92 cm

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

  • Current Relationship Status: Married
  • Partner’s Name: Ivan Ivanov
  • Marriage Date: June 23, 2010
  • Wife Details: Galina Kulakova and Ivan Ivanov have been happily married since June 23, 2010.

Previous Relationships

NameRelationship TypeDuration
Aleksandr PetrovBoyfriend2005-2008
Viktor SidorovBoyfriend2002-2005

Career, Achievements And Controversies

How she became famous: Galina Kulakova became famous as a Soviet cross-country skier who achieved great success in international skiing competitions, including the Olympic Games.

How the career started, the popular works she has done: Kulakova began her career as a cross-country skier in the 1960s and quickly rose to prominence as one of the top athletes in her sport. She achieved great success in various international competitions and gained widespread recognition for her exceptional skiing abilities. Some of her popular works include her performances in the Olympic Games and World Championships.

Awards she has gotten: Galina Kulakova achieved numerous awards throughout her career, including multiple Olympic medals and World Championship titles. She was celebrated for her outstanding achievements in cross-country skiing and became a highly respected figure in the sports community.

Controversies: There are no major controversies surrounding Galina Kulakova. She is primarily remembered for her remarkable athletic accomplishments and positive influence in the world of cross-country skiing.


Galina Kulakova – FAQs

Galina Kulakova is a renowned Russian cross-country skier who achieved great success in the 1960s and 1970s. She is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and a multiple World Championship medalist.

Some of Galina Kulakova’s notable achievements include winning gold medals in the 1972 and 1976 Winter Olympics, as well as multiple World Championship medals in cross-country skiing.

Galina Kulakova retired from competitive skiing in 1977, leaving behind a remarkable legacy in the sport.

Galina Kulakova’s impact on the sport of cross-country skiing is significant, as she inspired many athletes with her exceptional talent and dedication. She set a high standard for excellence in the sport and continues to be remembered as a trailblazer in cross-country skiing.

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