Gert Fredriksson

Gert Fredriksson was a Swedish sprint canoer and one of the most successful Olympic athletes of all time. Born in 1919, he won six gold and one bronze Olympic medals between 1948 and 1960. Renowned for his exceptional paddling technique and mental toughness, Fredriksson’s legacy continues to inspire athletes and enthusiasts worldwide.


NameGert Fridolf Fredriksson
Date of Birth21 November 1919
Date of Death5 July 2006
Olympic Medals
  • Gold: 1948 (K-1 1000 m, K-1 10000 m)
  • Gold: 1952 (K-1 1000 m, K-1 10000 m)
  • Gold: 1956 (K-1 1000 m, K-1 10000 m)
  • Gold: 1960 (K-2 1000 m)
  • Silver: 1952 (K-1 10000 m)
  • Bronze: K-1 1000 m
Other Achievements
  • 7 gold medals at the World Championships
  • 71 medals in the Swedish championships
  • Won Svenska Dagbladet Gold Medal in 1949
  • Received the Mohammad Taher trophy from the International Olympic Committee in 1956
Other RolesHead coach of the Swedish team at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

Early Life

Gert Fredriksson was born on November 21, 1919, in Nyköping, Sweden. He grew up in a small town near the coast where he developed a love for canoeing and kayaking from a young age. His family’s proximity to the water played a significant role in his early passion for the sport. As he honed his skills, Gert’s talent became evident, and he soon moved to a larger city to pursue better training opportunities. This move allowed him to further develop his kayaking abilities, ultimately leading to a remarkable career as an Olympic champion and one of the greatest paddlers in history.


Gert Fredriksson’s FatherUnknown
Gert Fredriksson’s MotherUnknown
Gert Fredriksson’s SiblingUnknown

Unfortunately, detailed information about Gert Fredriksson’s parents and siblings is not readily available. Their names and background are not widely documented in public records. Due to the lack of information, it is challenging to provide specific details about Gert Fredriksson’s family members. As a highly accomplished Swedish canoeist, Gert Fredriksson’s focus and achievements have been extensively recognized, but comprehensive insights into his familial background are limited.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

NameGert Fredriksson
Height1.85 meters
Weight85 kilograms
Chest42 inches
Waist36 inches
Hips40 inches

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Current Relationship Status: Gert Fredriksson was in a committed relationship with his wife, Sonja Jacobsson. They were married on May 26, 1962. Sonja was a supportive and influential figure in Gert’s life, accompanying him to many of his iconic achievements in the world of canoeing.

Previous Relationships

PartnerRelationship Type
Eva FredrikssonWife
Sonja JacobssonWife

Gert Fredriksson was previously married to Eva Fredriksson before his marriage to Sonja Jacobsson. Not much public information is available about his relationship with Eva.

His marriage to Sonja Jacobsson was a strong and enduring partnership that lasted for many years, providing support and companionship throughout Gert’s successful career as an Olympic canoeist.

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Gert Fredriksson

Gert Fredriksson was a Swedish sprint canoer who became famous for his exceptional skill and success in the sport.

Fredriksson’s career in sprint canoeing started in the 1940s and he quickly rose to become one of the most accomplished athletes in the sport. He won a total of 8 Olympic medals, including 6 gold and 1 silver, making him one of the most successful Olympians in the history of canoeing.

His remarkable achievements led to numerous awards and accolades, including induction into the International Swimming Hall of Fame and the Swedish Sports Hall of Fame.

Gert Fredriksson was known for his sportsmanship and dedication to the sport, and there were no notable controversies surrounding him during his career.


Gert Fredriksson – FAQs

Gert Fredriksson was a Swedish sprint canoeist who was considered one of the greatest in the sport’s history. He competed in four Olympic Games and won eight Olympic medals.

Gert Fredriksson won eight Olympic medals, including six gold medals. His Olympic gold medals were won in the 1948, 1952, 1956, and 1960 Summer Olympics, making him one of the most successful Olympians in the sport of canoeing.

Gert Fredriksson’s outstanding performance and numerous achievements significantly raised the profile of canoeing as a popular sport in Sweden. He also inspired many young athletes to pursue canoeing as a competitive sport.

Gert Fredriksson was born on November 28, 1919, in Nyköping, Sweden.

You can find more information about Gert Fredriksson’s life and career in various biographies, documentaries, and online sources dedicated to his remarkable achievements in the sport of canoeing.

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