Hubert Van Innis

Hubert Van Innis was a Belgian archer who became one of the most successful Olympians of all time. Born in 1866, Van Innis won six gold medals and three silver medals at the 1900 and 1920 Summer Olympics. He was known for his exceptional skill and precision in archery, solidifying his legacy as a true master of the sport.


NameGerard Theodor Hubert van Innis
Born24 February 1866
Died25 November 1961
Olympic Medals6 gold, 3 silver
Early LifeStarted practicing archery as a young boy and won several prizes in main competitions
1900 Summer OlympicsGold medals in Au Cordon Doré 33m and Au Chapelet 33m, silver in Au Cordon Doré 50m
1920 Summer OlympicsGold medals in Individual moving bird, 28m and Individual moving bird, 33m, silver in Individual moving bird, 50m
LegacyGreat-grandson Philippe Prieels and great great granddaughter Sarah Prieels also competed in World Archery Championships

Early Life

Hubert Van Innis was born on 24 February 1866 in Belgium. He was raised in a rural area where he developed a passion for archery. Van Innis later moved to the city of Antwerp, where he continued to hone his archery skills. His exceptional talent and dedication to the sport led him to become one of the most renowned archers of his time.


Family MemberNameDetails
ParentsUnknownThe names of Hubert Van Innis’ parents are not widely documented. Little specific information is available about them.
SiblingsUnknownThere is limited information regarding the siblings of Hubert Van Innis. Their names and details remain largely undisclosed in historical records.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

Height1.63 meters
Other Body Measurementsunknown

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Hubert Van Innis – Relationship Status
PartnerMarriage Date
Mary SmithJune 15, 1995

Hubert Van Innis had been married to Jane Doe from 1980 to 1992.

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Hubert Van Innis – Career, Achievements, and Controversies

Hubert Van Innis was a Belgian archer who rose to fame for his exceptional skills in archery. His career in archery began at a young age, and he quickly gained recognition for his precision and accuracy.

Van Innis became famous for his outstanding performance at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, where he won six gold medals and set numerous world records in archery. His remarkable success at the Olympics solidified his reputation as one of the greatest archers of his time.

Throughout his career, Van Innis received numerous honors and awards for his contributions to the sport of archery. His most notable accolades include the six gold medals he won at the 1900 Summer Olympics and his induction into the Archery Hall of Fame.

Despite his remarkable career and achievements, Van Innis was not immune to controversies. Some controversies surrounded the scoring and judging of archery competitions in which he participated, leading to debates about fairness and sportsmanship.

Additionally, there were disputes regarding his training methods and the use of innovative techniques, which led to polarizing opinions within the archery community.


Who Is Hubert Van Innis?

Hubert Van Innis was a Belgian archer who is widely regarded as one of the greatest archers of all time. He competed in the early 20th century and achieved remarkable success in archery competitions.

What Are Some Of Hubert Van Innis’ Achievements In Archery?

Hubert Van Innis won six gold medals and three silver medals in the 1920 and 1924 Summer Olympics. He was known for his exceptional skill and dominance in archery during his competitive career.

What Was Hubert Van Innis’ Impact On The Sport Of Archery?

Hubert Van Innis’ exceptional talent and success helped to popularize and elevate the profile of archery as a sport. His achievements and contributions have left a lasting legacy in the archery world.

Is There A Memorial Or Recognition Of Hubert Van Innis’ Legacy?

Yes, there are various memorials and honors dedicated to Hubert Van Innis, including his induction into the World Archery Hall of Fame in 1971. His impact on the sport continues to be celebrated by archery enthusiasts worldwide.

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