Hugo Calderano

Hugo Calderano is a Brazilian professional table tennis player known for his exceptional speed and agility on the table. Born on June 22, 1996, in Rio de Janeiro, Calderano has achieved numerous victories in international competitions, solidifying his reputation as one of the most promising talents in the sport.


NameHugo Marinho Borges Calderano
Date of Birth22 June 1996
Place of BirthRio de Janeiro, Brazil
World RankingNumber 3 (as of January 2022)
Accomplishments– Greatest Americas player of all time
– First Latin American to reach Top 10 in ITTF World Rankings
– Beat China’s Fan Zhendong in 2018 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals quarterfinals

Early Life

Hugo Calderano was born on June 22, 1996, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was raised in Rio de Janeiro and showed a keen interest in table tennis at a young age. At the age of 14, he moved to Europe to further pursue his passion for table tennis and to improve his skills. He settled in Ochsenhausen, Germany, to train and compete in the European table tennis circuit, which played a pivotal role in shaping his career as a professional table tennis player.


Family MemberNameInformation
ParentsUnknownThere is limited information available about Hugo Calderano’s parents.
SiblingUnknownSimilarly, there is limited information available about Hugo Calderano’s siblings.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

Height181 cm
Weight75 kg
Chest96 cm
Waist82 cm
Hip97 cm

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Hugo Calderano’s Relationships

Hugo Calderano is currently in a relationship with Camila Forte.

NameDuration of Relationship
Isabel Zubicueta2013-2016
Caroline Kumahara2013

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Hugo Calderano


Hugo Calderano is a Brazilian table tennis player who became famous for his exceptional skills and achievements in the sport. He started playing table tennis at a young age and quickly rose through the ranks to become a prominent figure in the sport.


Calderano’s career began to take off when he won the Latin American Junior Championship in 2014. Since then, he has participated in numerous international competitions and has secured multiple titles and medals. He became the first Brazilian to win an ITTF World Tour title in 2016 and has continued to make significant strides in the sport.


Throughout his career, Calderano has received several accolades, including the Brazilian Athlete of the Year award in table tennis and recognition as one of the top table tennis players in the world.


As of now, Hugo Calderano has not been involved in any major controversies. He is widely respected for his sportsmanship and dedication to the game.


Hugo Calderano FAQs

Hugo Calderano is a Brazilian professional table tennis player. He is known for his exceptional skills and has achieved significant success in international competitions.

Hugo Calderano has numerous achievements, including becoming the first Latin American to be ranked in the top 10 of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) world rankings. He has won multiple medals in various international tournaments, including the Pan American Games and the Latin American Championships.

Hugo Calderano is known for his aggressive playing style, characterized by powerful forehand attacks and quick footwork. His style of play has earned him recognition as one of the most exciting and talented players in the world of table tennis.

Yes, Hugo Calderano represented Brazil in the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games, showcasing his skills on the global stage and contributing to the promotion of table tennis in Brazil.

Yes, Hugo Calderano has been involved in various charitable initiatives, including supporting educational programs and promoting the sport of table tennis among young athletes in Brazil.

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