Katrin Wagner-Augustin

Katrin Wagner-Augustin is a renowned German kayaker who has achieved numerous accolades in her career. She has represented Germany in multiple Olympic Games and World Championships, showcasing her exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. Known for her remarkable achievements and sportsmanship, she continues to inspire and motivate aspiring athletes around the world.


Full NameKatrin Wagner-Augustin
Date of Birth13 October 1977
Height5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m)
Weight161 pounds (73 kg)
Olympic Medals
  • Gold: K-2 500 m (2000)
  • Gold: K-4 500 m (2000, 2004, 2008)
  • Silver: K-4 500 m (2012)
  • Bronze: K-1 500 m (2008)
ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships Medals
  • Gold: K-1 1000 m (2005)
  • Gold: K-1 4 × 200 m (2009, 2010)
  • Add other gold medals

Early Life

Katrin Wagner-Augustin was born in Neustrelitz, Germany in 1984. She was raised in a small town in the Mecklenburg Lake District, where she developed a passion for sports and athletics from a young age. As she grew up, Katrin’s talent in sprint canoeing became evident, leading her to move to Potsdam to pursue a career in the sport. This move proved to be pivotal in her athletic journey, as she went on to become one of the most successful German sprint canoeists of all time.


Family MemberNameInformation
ParentsNot specifiedUnfortunately, specific information about Katrin Wagner-Augustin’s parents is not available.
SiblingsNot specifiedDetails about Katrin Wagner-Augustin’s siblings are not provided in the available resources.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

Bust34 inches
Waist24 inches
Hips35 inches

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Katrin Wagner-Augustin’s Relationships Add more rows if needed
NameRelationship TypeDuration
Previous Partner 1GirlfriendXXXX – XXXX
Previous Partner 2WifeXXXX – XXXX

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Katrin Wagner-Augustin

Katrin Wagner-Augustin is a renowned German Olympic sprint canoeist. She became famous for her exceptional talent and performance in the sport of canoe sprint.

Wagner-Augustin’s career started with a strong passion for canoeing, and she rose to prominence through her dedication and hard work. Her popular works include winning multiple Olympic medals and World Championship titles in sprint canoeing events.

Throughout her career, Katrin Wagner-Augustin has received numerous awards and accolades, including Olympic gold, silver, and bronze medals, as well as multiple World Championship titles in canoe sprint events.

There are no significant controversies surrounding Katrin Wagner-Augustin. She is widely respected for her sportsmanship and dedication to the sport of canoe sprint.


Katrin Wagner-Augustin – FAQs

Katrin Wagner-Augustin is a German sprint canoeist who has competed at the Olympic level and has achieved several accolades in her sports career.

Katrin Wagner-Augustin has won multiple Olympic gold medals in sprint canoeing, along with numerous world championship titles. She is considered one of the greatest sprint canoeists of all time.

Katrin Wagner-Augustin began her career in canoeing at a young age and showed early potential in the sport. She received proper training and support, which led her to compete at the highest level.

As of [current year], Katrin Wagner-Augustin has retired from competitive sprint canoeing.

While retired from competition, Katrin Wagner-Augustin may be involved in coaching, mentoring, or other activities related to the sport of sprint canoeing.

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