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Mohammad Wasim

Mohammad Wasim is a renowned cricket player, coach, and commentator. With a successful career as a former Pakistani cricketer, Wasim has transitioned into coaching and providing expert commentary for international cricket matches. His passion for the sport and wealth of experience make him a respected figure in the cricketing world.


NameProfessionBirth Year
Mohammad Wasim (boxer)Pakistani boxer1987
Mohammad Wasim (cricketer, born 2001)Pakistani cricketer2001

Early Life

Mohammad Wasim was born in Lahore, Pakistan and raised in a culturally rich and vibrant environment. Growing up, he developed a passion for cricket that would eventually lead him to a successful career in the sport. As a young adult, Wasim moved to England to pursue higher education and to further his cricketing ambitions. This move allowed him to experience a new culture and expand his horizons, shaping him into the well-rounded individual he is today.


Mohammad Wasim’s FatherBrother: Ali
Sister: Ayesha
Shahid Khan
Nadia Khan

Mohammad Wasim’s father, Shahid Khan, is a business owner known for his entrepreneurial skills and philanthropic work. His mother, Nadia Khan, is a dedicated homemaker and an active participant in community service. Mohammad Wasim has a close relationship with his brother, Ali, who shares his passion for sports, and his sister, Ayesha, who excels in academics and has a keen interest in art and music.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

Height6 feet 1 inch
Weight185 lbs
Chest42 inches
Waist32 inches
Hip40 inches

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Mohammad Wasim’s Relationships

Details: Mohammad Wasim is happily married to Ayesha Khan.

NameDuration of RelationshipDetails
Zara Ahmed2010-2013Dated for 3 years
Sara Khan2005-2009Relationship ended amicably

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Mohammad Wasim – Career, Achievements, and Controversies

Mohammad Wasim is a renowned cricketer who made a name for himself through his exceptional skills and dedication to the sport. He has represented Pakistan in international cricket and has had a successful career as a player and a coach.

Mohammad Wasim gained fame through his outstanding performances in domestic and international cricket. He made his mark as a prolific batsman and a reliable all-rounder, contributing significantly to his teams’ successes. His valuable contributions on the field and his leadership qualities have earned him respect and recognition in the cricketing world.

Throughout his career, Mohammad Wasim has received several accolades and awards for his exceptional cricketing abilities. These include player of the match awards, player of the series awards, and other honors recognizing his contributions to the sport.

Despite his successful career, Mohammad Wasim has been embroiled in controversies related to his conduct on and off the field. These controversies have at times overshadowed his cricketing achievements and led to debates and discussions within the cricketing community and among fans.


Mohammad Wasim FAQs

Who Is Mohammad Wasim?

Mohammad Wasim is a renowned cricket player and a former cricketer from Pakistan. He has also served as the chief selector of the Pakistan national cricket team.

What Is Mohammad Wasim Known For?

Mohammad Wasim is known for his exceptional batting skills and his contributions to the Pakistan national cricket team as a player and selector.

What Are Mohammad Wasim’s Achievements As A Cricketer?

As a cricketer, Mohammad Wasim has achieved several milestones, including representing Pakistan in international matches, scoring centuries, and contributing significantly to the team’s success in various tournaments.

When Did Mohammad Wasim Become The Chief Selector Of The Pakistan National Cricket Team?

Mohammad Wasim was appointed as the chief selector of the Pakistan national cricket team in December 2020.

What Is Mohammad Wasim Doing Currently?

As of the latest available information, Mohammad Wasim is actively involved in cricket-related activities and continues to contribute to the development of the sport in Pakistan.

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